Your Hero’s Journey

As you well know by now, to be SEALFIT is to be on a journey of challenge, adventure, and transformation.

Early on, while working exclusively with candidates pursuing careers in Special Operations, we developed a method to test the resiliency of an individual to successfully navigate the Hero’s Journey. We called it Kokoro.

While BUD/S, and other SOF selection courses are designed to weed out the weak, we realized that what was needed was a program that guided individuals through the entire cycle of development, supporting and mentoring them through the common pitfalls, and then set them on a course to continue navigating their own Hero’s Journeys with a template for success.

Everyone’s Hero’s Journey happens to follow the same path:

1. The Call – accepting and committing to the Worthy Challenge

2. The Quest – honing discipline and competency alongside Allies and Mentors to a sharp edge

3. The Crucible – maintaining resilience in the face of failure & setbacks to allow alchemy to occur

4. The Return – returning to the normal world with heart and mind integrated at a higher level


While we’ve always had our Crucible events that focus on the KOKORO Mountain, throughout the years we also developed SEALFIT Academies to focus on the Physical Mountain, held Summits to focus on the Mental and Emotional Mountains, held Yoga retreats to focus on the Intuition/Awareness Mountain.

And now, for the first time ever, we have created a holistic path of transformation that includes all these along a Hero’s Journey path.

This is why we’re proud to introduce…

The Unbeatable Team

As a member of the Unbeatable Team, you’ll be guided through your Hero’s Journey. This one-year, all-access intensive is designed for the leader who wants it all and doesn’t compromise.

Join by October 17th and receive an extension of your annual membership through December 31, 2023.

Click here to learn more and claim your membership (and bonus extension) today.

We believe life is intended to be an adventure, and that with the right map you can effectively navigate to achieving your highest potential and purpose.

What will mark your Hero’s Journey?

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