The Power of Emotions

Emotions are often uncomfortable to confront. Thing is, when we don’t acknowledge them, they can gain power over us. We… Continue reading The Power of Emotions

Envision Your Future

African business man is meditating on green grass in the park

Many people make the common mistake of building a fantasy in their mind of what they think they want. Uncommon… Continue reading Envision Your Future

Speak To Yourself Kindly

It’s not enough to visualize something to truly believe it. Our biases, our subconscious programming, our BOO can interfere with… Continue reading Speak To Yourself Kindly

“Mental” Practice Makes Perfect

Most, if not all, elite athletes use visualization and imagery techniques regularly. Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps visualizes his events before… Continue reading “Mental” Practice Makes Perfect

Getting The Results You Want

Just as you would visualize your ideal fit and healthy body would look like in conquering your physical mountain, you… Continue reading Getting The Results You Want

Envision Your Destiny

Considered a masterpiece and the tallest church in all of Europe, construction began on Sagrada Familia cathedral in 1909. Thanks… Continue reading Envision Your Destiny

Likes and Dislikes

By year two of meditation, I began to contemplate on what was wrong with my choices, with inquiries such as:… Continue reading Likes and Dislikes

Your Hero’s Journey

As you well know by now, to be SEALFIT is to be on a journey of challenge, adventure, and transformation.… Continue reading Your Hero’s Journey

What is Your Why?

Not everyone believes that we have a unique purpose in life. Guess what? Those people have not done this work.… Continue reading What is Your Why?

Your Future is Now

Two monks were traveling together when they came to a river with a strong current. They spotted a young woman… Continue reading Your Future is Now