Your Intuitive Toolkit

This week I want you to grow your intuitive toolkit. As I have shared, there is a menagerie of ways… Continue reading Your Intuitive Toolkit

Intuition Doesn’t Lie

Our intuition is always speaking to us. The question is are we present enough to hear our intuitive wisdom? This… Continue reading Intuition Doesn’t Lie

Recapitulate and Heal

The past few weeks I have been sharing the nuances of what holds us all back from thriving in our… Continue reading Recapitulate and Heal

BOO is Neither Positive Nor Negative

Last week I discussed our background of obviousness (BOO). This is my term for hidden emotional energy and trained mental… Continue reading BOO is Neither Positive Nor Negative

Irrational Fear is Conquered Through Action

It’s common for fear to provoke you to do things you shouldn’t or to convince you to avoid things you… Continue reading Irrational Fear is Conquered Through Action

Circumstance or Sabotage?

This week I want to highlight that every moment of your life is driven by emotions. Last week, I used… Continue reading Circumstance or Sabotage?

What Are Emotions?

Emotions are sensations that make us feel a certain way, think a certain way, react a certain way, and act… Continue reading What Are Emotions?

Likes and Dislikes

By year two of meditation, I began to contemplate on what was wrong with my choices, with inquiries such as:… Continue reading Likes and Dislikes

Your Hero’s Journey

As you well know by now, to be SEALFIT is to be on a journey of challenge, adventure, and transformation.… Continue reading Your Hero’s Journey

What is Your Why?

Not everyone believes that we have a unique purpose in life. Guess what? Those people have not done this work.… Continue reading What is Your Why?