Intuition Doesn’t Lie

Our intuition is always speaking to us. The question is are we present enough to hear our intuitive wisdom? This week let’s dive into the power of the intuitive voice. Our intuition doesn’t lie. It’s incapable of it. If you use your whole mind thinking in everything you do, you will receive insight from your heart-mind-gut and that’s the wisdom you will convey with your words. Once you start speaking from this level of knowing, it’s impossible to dance over the truth. This skill is especially useful during challenging times. People are more receptive to this kind of truth, as science is proving. They recognize (often intuitively themselves) that it’s coming from a place of kindness, from the heart.

Mastering intuitive intelligence, however, doesn’t make you vomit truisms involuntarily once the bright-white spotlight of awareness blanches your face. During uncomfortable situations, we want to escape, default to the easiest way out. Men, especially, have a knack for avoiding tough conversations. (C’mon, guys, you know it’s true.) The difference is you will know you’re doing it once you begin to climb the intuitive mountain of intelligence. But, through practice, you will become hyper aware of what’s really going on in every situation, both inside and outside yourself, and with others. The subtext will blare in your ears, even when words aren’t one of the signals. This will make it harder and harder to avoid using your intuitive skills to speak the truth.

Once you’re able to stabilize your mind on one thing through concentration practices and mindfulness meditation, you will naturally (intuitively) start practicing mindfulness throughout your day. This is how you will start moving past issues with greater ease. Over time, others will notice this innate wisdom you seem to possess. And you’ll become a confidant and someone who people can trust. You’ll become uncommon.

To train your intuition you must trust that your perceiving mind wants to help you. If you’re always in the rational/linear, left-brained/thinking mind, you’re always striving and grasping at understanding. The intuitive, perceiving mind patiently waits, knowing the answer will come. It is an open hand waiting to receive inspiration or intuitive signals from that future all-knowing source. Higher thinking (problem solving) takes outward energy and expends inner energy, forcing results. Intuitive thinking takes inward surrender, relaxing into the intelligence that’s in you or wants to come through you. And this, by the way, conserves energy, as we are merely observing the clouds as they pass by.

Be aware that when you start paying attention to your intuition for the very first time, you might think everything is a sign. You could toss on two different shoes one frazzled morning and decide it’s your intuition telling you not to walk anywhere that day. Don’t let yourself go batty or get hung up as you develop this new sense. Have a sense of humor about it! Putting on two different shoes is funny, especially if you don’t realize it until you get to work or the gym. Relax. What the shoe thing was probably trying to tell you is you need to slow down and breathe. (Box breathe for even two minutes to reset your morning!).

A word of caution: our intuition can be hijacked by prejudice and social conditioning. Our intuitive senses are sensitive! They can also get overwhelmed by excessive sensory stimulation and information overload—and to say that is a giant problem in our techno-driven, media-flooded world is an understatement. If you pay attention, you’ll realize the voice or message from your intuition has a neutral tone to it, almost emotionless. It’s simply passing on information. Paranoia comes from negativity and distrust—aberrant beliefs from your monkey mind, and there is generally a tone of anger or judgment and a feeling of fear or shame that accompanies the sensation. Remember your intuition is always there guiding you, all you need to do is clear the clutter of conditioning to hear its resonant voice. Hooyah!

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