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My focus this week has been on…

Mastering the Timing and Rhythm of Leadership!

Successful leaders understand that success isn’t just about what you do but when and how you do it. Paying close attention to timing and rhythm can elevate your leadership from good to exceptional. Timing in leadership is about seizing the right moment. It’s recognizing when to push forward with a new initiative, when to hold back and reassess, or when to pivot entirely. This skill requires a deep understanding of your team, your organization, and the broader context in which you operate. By honing your sense of timing, you can make decisions that resonate more powerfully and have a greater impact. Rhythm, on the other hand, is about creating a consistent cadence in your leadership. It’s the steady beat that drives your team forward, keeping everyone aligned and motivated. A well-established rhythm can help streamline processes, boost productivity, and create a sense of stability even in turbulent times. 

To enhance your leadership timing and rhythm, consider developing the quality of observation and pay close attention to the patterns and cycles within your organization. Further, you can become more adaptable and ready to adjust your approach based on changing circumstances. Establish a consistent rhythm for team meetings and progress reviews and balance action and reflection as you alternate between periods of intense activity and thoughtful evaluation. Finally, ensure weekly sync-ups with your team to align your leadership rhythm with your team’s natural working patterns. Remember, effective leadership is an art that requires continuous refinement. Mastering timing and rhythm can create a harmonious environment where your team thrives and achieves optimal performance.

“The wrong action at the wrong time leads to disaster; the right action at the wrong time leads to resistance; the wrong action at the right time is a mistake, but the right action at the right time leads to success”-John Maxwell


Episode # 470 What Is Psychitecture? How to Design Your Mind with Ryan Bush

Ryan A. Bush is a thinker, author, and designer passionate about optimizing the human mind. Raised in Memphis, Tennessee, his early fascination with mental design shaped his academic journey in product and industrial design, which was complemented by studies in psychology and philosophy. This diverse background forms the basis of his innovative approach to mind design, termed “psychitecture.” As an author and thought leader, Bush challenges traditional views on purpose and self-improvement, advocating for the cultivation of personal virtues and strengths. His work provides practical strategies for enhancing well-being and effectiveness by reshaping psychological “algorithms.”

Podcast Highlights:

Ryan Bush shared that his concept and process of “psychitecture” emerges as a method to intentionally shape mental habits, emotional reactions, and cognitive biases for enhanced psychological well-being and performance. We had fun talking about metacognition versus mindfulness, which highlighted their pivotal roles in understanding and redesigning the mind—metacognition involves reflecting on one’s thoughts, and mindfulness encourages observing thoughts without judgment. 

–> Listen to episode #470 with Ryan Bush here.


The latest book from former Navy SEAL, entrepreneur, father, and New York Times bestselling author Mark Divine comes Uncommon– an inspirational book following Mark Divine’s trademark warrior monk philosophy that will lead you to the summit of personal development.

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This week I was filmed for a documentary series about breathwork. Observing the film crew collaborate was incredibly inspiring to me. Over the years, documenting SEALFIT and Unbeatable events has heightened my admiration for the art of film; as leadership and teamwork are required to produce compelling and quality content. Next time you watch a movie take time to watch the credits and notice how many people are involved in just one film, it is amazing!


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Practice for Developing Loving Kindness: For one week, as part of your morning ritual, sit in a relaxed posture with your spine upright and hands resting gently on your knees. Take three deep breaths, softening your gaze, and let your awareness settle into the present moment. As you breathe in, silently affirm, “I breathe in peace, happiness, and lightness.” As you exhale, silently affirm, “I release any tension or heaviness within me.”

Mark Divine

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Mark Divine is a New York Times best-selling author, leadership expert, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and retired U.S. Navy SEAL Commander. He is also the founder and CEO of Unbeatable and SEALFIT.





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