Training Mindset

“The mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

We are entering the fourth quarter of 2023, the world is changing fast, and 2024 is right around the corner. As things speed up, you may feel inundated with information coming at you from all different directions. Staying focused, discerning, and remaining on task has become increasingly critical in recent years. We live in the days of V.U.C.A. (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous). Because of the complexity of the outside world, having dominion over our thoughts is integral to leading with purpose and passion. This week, I am sending out a bugle call for all you warrior-leaders to develop a regular practice of training the mind. 

Training the mind is a worthwhile endeavor. I do it daily. In full transparency, these past few years have been like no other in my life. Even after decades of training my mind, I found that some old patterns I thought I had irradicated resurfaced. This challenge was an excellent opportunity to fine-tune my practice and become even more radically focused as a human being, entrepreneur, and coach. I rolled up my metaphoric sleeves and got busy watching the thoughts, finding the roots, and cultivating a more integrated and positive mindset. Doing this work has been fruitful, and I feel lighter and more present than ever. The process I just described is a tool I teach called W.I.R.M.

The W.I.R.M. process is a great way to train your mind. (W)witness the thought. (I)intercept the thought if it is harmful or not familiar as your own. (R)redirect or (R)replace the thought with a positive, empowering, new one. (M)maintain your positive mindset and stay on track. The benefits are many.

  • Improves Focus: Mental training helps you stay focused and avoid distractions, thus improving your productivity and performance.
  • Boosts Confidence: It enhances your self-esteem and confidence, making you more capable of handling challenges and setbacks.
  • Builds Resilience: It helps you develop resilience, enabling you to bounce back from failures and keep moving forward. Fail forward fast!
  • Enhances Well-being: By promoting positivity and mindfulness, mental training enhances your overall well-being and happiness.

Every day presents a golden chance to hone your mental prowess and tackle life’s uncomfortable or challenging aspects head-on.  Embracing this opportunity demands dedication, patience, and a dash of bravery. Consistently engaging in mental training equips you to be vigilant – when an external event or physical imbalance agitates your mind, you’ll immediately recognize something’s amiss. Think of it as a daily trip to your mind gym, mirroring the discipline required for physical workouts. The payoff? An immense reward as mental training propels you towards realizing your full potential. Remember, there’s always more to discover about your authentic self. Each day’s commitment to mental training peels back another layer, revealing the true essence of who you are. The key lies in your consistency and dedication to doing the work every day.

You hold the key to unlocking your confidence and bravery – it all starts with training your mindset. Once you understand that your thoughts are present but not necessarily an absolute truth, it opens up a world of possibilities. The key to expanding this realm lies in illuminating the constant conscious and unconscious programming within. Have you ever paused to ponder the narratives constantly running in your mind? Have you observed how often your thoughts are simply stories from which you derive meaning? Inquiring and honing the mind is a significant practice in self-development. If you need support, check out my Unbeatable Mind Foundations Course. In this course, I have taken all my years of training and studies and condensed it into a program that is practical and accessible for anyone. This program is all about training the mind to be unbeatable,so that you are living your best life and in the driver’s seat. 

Mental training is akin to an unending journey that demands your unwavering commitment and perseverance. By weaving specific techniques, like W.I.R.M., into the fabric of your daily life, you can unlock your latent potential and enhance your performance. This, in turn, helps you nurture a positive mindset that can be applied across various facets of your life. Hooyah!

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