Last Thoughts, Words, and Actions

Last week I began the conversation of one of the central teachings that I have learned and shared over decades. It is One Day, One Life. If you missed it, I recommend you go back and read about the practice of first words. This week I want to discuss how we end each day, our last thoughts, words, and actions. 

In the evenings, start being mindful of your last actions and your last words to yourself or loved ones. Over time this will become habitual, like your morning mantra.

Once you are in bed, I know some of you like to wind down to the TV. Try to steer clear of social media and anything that’ll rile up the senses. You want to shut down the engine. Reading can be an excellent way to calm your brainwaves. Then, consider some words of gratitude to your loved ones, followed by a silent prayer or mantra as your last internally crafted words. Then, go to sleep. 

If some thought pattern from unfinished business or a regret keeps coming up, preventing you from falling asleep, take a minute to process it. Please turn on the light, grab your journal, and write it down. Then spend a couple of minutes contemplating it and let it go. 

Then, lie down again and close your eyes, grateful to have made it to the end of your One Day.

I like to read for a while, play solitaire, or practice a language with Duolingo to empty my mind of random thoughts. I will do some relaxation breathing as I consider my last words with my wife—usually the best things about the day. We take time to celebrate the “one day, one lifetime” we have together. Even when you experience a crisis, if you’re still here, you can be grateful for something. Feed your courage wolf, regardless of your circumstances.  

My final, final thoughts are always ones of gratitude and thanks to the Creator. For any unresolved questions or issues, I send them out to the universe and ask for help and guidance. I ask for protection for myself, my loved ones, and my family. Then, I shut my brain down and surrender to sleep.

Let me introduce essential ideas on cultivating a quiet mind and fulfilling life. I think of it as Let Go and Let Flow.

You want to expand that big space between your first thoughts (when you wake up) and last thoughts (as you go to sleep) as you execute your daily challenges or tasks. Don’t contract. 

This is how you let go and connect to your witness. 

  • Let go of doing things for selfish reasons.  
  • Let go of doing things without realizing the interconnectedness and higher order of all things.  
  • Let go of expectations and attachment to results. 
  • Accept what is, all the time, relentlessly.

You’ll find much more flow in your activities. You’ll find greater peace of mind and enjoyment.

And you’ll develop humility around the outcomes of your actions, which may lead to wealth and great notoriety, or you might remain an unsung hero. They’re both okay. If you’re acting from your higher power, expanding from your higher self, and focused on your mission, you are mastering your five mountains of consciousness (physical, mental, emotional, intuition, and Kokoro). Each day is a gift. Practice humility, gratitude, and curiosity continuously to master being present. Be present with integrity: See it. Feel it. Believe it. Say it. Do it!


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