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Just as you would visualize your ideal fit and healthy body would look like in conquering your physical mountain, you can also use imagery work to achieve mental mountain mastery, to envision your ideal future self, and to practice your one-thing mission. We will use the crawl-walk-run approach to train this amazing skill.

Think about a simple event, such as hanging out on a warm beach with your best friend on a well-earned vacation. Even that short and sweet snapshot—two friends on the beach—evokes a physical, emotional, and sensory reaction. You created a reality for your body-mind: your shoulders likely relaxed, you got a warm feeling in your heart, and a small smile may have even formed on your face. Some of you may have felt a warm ocean breeze and smelled the salty air. This happens because our physical body is a projection of the mind, so it will experience at a physical level what the mind dwells on with potent imagery. If you imagine fearful things all the time, your body will experience anxiety and illness. If you imagine beautiful things, your body will be relaxed, stress free and calm. Your body expresses the mind’s reality.

Let me say this again: our body lives in the state our mind tells it to. Got it? Learning this was a watershed moment in my life. I became acutely aware of my thoughts and the imagery they evoked… and began to curate their quality to be more positive, forgiving and beautiful. My body has been in perfect health and fitness ever since. 

Okay, now imagine the power of reinforcing your mind’s desire by taking action daily toward becoming uber-healthy and fit, AND also making your purpose-fueled vision a reality. Wow, right? BTW, thinking obsessively about a future not based upon your heart’s calling (what I just referred to as your purpose-fueled vision) is fantasizing, and more often than not your default mode network is leading you down the wrong road.

To manifest your purpose-fueled destiny, any and all disempowering stories holding you back will need to be altered or eradicated, and replaced by new empowering stories that only you can create. To do this, we will start developing a new internal dialogue, accompanied with imagery and emotions that support your emergent dream. If you want to influence a billion people or become a billionaire, then you need to think and be someone worthy of that level of leadership and service. It is completely doable, because you get to decide how to construct “your” world. And your world is the only world there really is, you see? So, you need to begin to see, feel and embody this new figure, experience the emotions of being a world-renowned leader or a billionaire. When your future memories (recall I stated that an imagined future is a memory of a future yet to happen) and emotions line up with your current thoughts, words and emotions, then the stunning results will follow. 

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