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Life has a way of reminding us that we have a desperate need to rest. And this gravitational pull to reset, arrest, slow down the pace, and focus our life on what matters most.

Tim Timberlake
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Hope architect Tim Timberlake (@TTimberlake) is the Senior Pastor of Celebration Church in Jacksonville, Florida. He’s a tremendously gifted communicator and teacher who inspires folks from all walks of life. He is known for his sense of humor and in-depth teaching, which gives listeners and readers the tools to transform their lives from the inside out. Tim is the author of The Power of 1440. His latest book, The Art of Overcoming, was an instant bestseller and a fantastic guide for navigating life’s turbulent waters.

(919)-568-5873 is the number of Tim Timberlake(@TTimberlake). Text him if you need words of encouragement. Tim is the Senior Pastor of Celebration Church in Jacksonville, Florida. He’s the author of The Power of 1440. His latest book, The Art of Overcoming, was an instant bestseller and a wonderful guide for navigating life’s turbulent waters. All walks of life are invited to visit his church and teachings so that they can discover their faith through lived experience.

“I have a very black-and-white view of the Bible, I believe that the Bible is true. I believe that what Jesus states in the Bible is both applicable and life-changing and transformational for those that lean into it.” Tim Timberlake

Key Takeaways:

  • Insecurities Louder than Confidences: Is it possible that we(ourselves) are our most significant challenge to overcome? If we’re not careful, our insecurities scream louder than our confidence. Insecurities can lead and dictate and even try to determine what we do. So we have to learn not just to navigate but really wrestle with our insecurities, anxieties, worries, and fears because those things can become walls that hinder us from advancing in this life. Build your confidence by celebrating the small wins, following through with your goals, and staying optimistic regardless of your current circumstances.
  • Forgiveness: When we hold onto resentment, it puts us in a place where we are hostage to something in the past that is outside our control. Frequently, the person we are harboring unforgiveness towards isn’t even thinking about what they did to us; they’re on to the next thing. It is vital to get beyond this unforgiveness. Forgive so that you can start, initiate, and activate the healing process. This frees us from being prisoners to something that someone else did. 
  • Celebrating Differences: People have different perspectives of right/wrong or good/bad. Our overall lived experiences are different. Our differences should not be a divisive tool that brings further separation. Our differences must be discussed, and we come to some understanding and agreement. Spread love instead of divisiveness.
  • The 3 of Overcoming: 1: Acknowledge that you need assistance and overcoming. The reality is that we may run faster alone, but we will run longer alongside someone else. Talk to people and get resources. 2: Get plugged into a community, some type of life-giving community that feeds you and fills you, and allows you to give to yourself and others. 3: Give yourself the same grace you would give other people if you were helping them go through a crisis. 

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Welcome to the Mark Divine show. This is your host Mark Divine, appreciate you joining me. On this show I endeavor to explore what it means to be fearless by speaking to some of the world’s most courageous and compassionate and unbelievable people, folks from all walks of life. Motivational scientists, nutritional experts, peace, crusaders, and amazing authors and pastors like Tim Timberlake, my guest today. Who’s the Senior Pastor of Celebration Church in Jacksonville, Florida. He’s a tremendously gifted communicator and teacher who inspires folks from all walks of life, a sense of humor, combined with his in depth teaching gives listeners and readers the tools to transform their lives from the inside out. Tim is the author of The Power of 1440. And his latest book recently out from Harper’s and Colin, The Art of Overcoming. Super stoked to have you Mr. Timberlake. Welcome to the Mark Divine show.

Mark Divine  0:50  

Tim, so stoked to have you here on the Mark Divine Show. I appreciate you joining me today. How are you, sir?

Tim Timberlake  0:55  

 I’m doing well. It’s an honor and a privilege to be on your show. Can’t wait to unpack this conversation with you.


Mark Divine  1:00  

Yeah, well, before we unpack, I mean, we never really packed it up, so we don’t have to unpack much. We’re gonna start with the clothes laying out all over the place. I’m stoked to talk to you. You know, you’ve done some interesting things in your life, and you’ve had some challenges to overcome. I love that you’re a pastor, you know, I really respect people who follow that calling. And I think a lot of our listeners are really jonesing for kind of like sanity in this world of insanity. So I’m really excited to talk to you people love conversations like this where, you know, we can just kind of like help them understand that everything’s okay. Right then, and have to fear so much. But before we get into kind of like, your philosophy of 1440, and your new book, The Art of Overcoming help us understand like, who is Tim Timberlake, where do you come from? What are your childhood influences? How are you conditioned to see the world as a young man and what changed it, right to lead you where you are today?


Tim Timberlake  1:55  

Yeah, so I grew up in the Raleigh Durham, North Carolina area. And I grew up in a household where my family was really in and around ministry, all of my life. My grandfather was a sharecropper, which pretty much means he was a glorified slave. He and his kids, eight kids and my grandmother, they stayed in a one room 10 roof house for a good portion of his life. And he got paid 30 bucks a month.


Mark Divine 2:24



Tim Timberlake 2:24

And my grandmother ended up getting sick, and had to be rushed to the hospital. The doctors told my grandfather that they would have to remove one whole lung, and half of the remaining lung. And so they went through the surgery, and they took one complete lung, they removed half of her remaining lung, she was on life support. And they told my grandfather that he should get his grand.. Uh his children, and they should kind of get their last remarks and, you know, condolences in before they pull her off of life support. And my grandfather looked at the doctors and he said, If you give me 10 minutes, I’ll be able to let you guys pull her off of life support. And he goes to the lobby of the hotel, he gets down on his knees, and he tells God God, if you saved my wife, me and all of my family will serve you for the rest of our days.


Mark Divine 3:16



Tim Timberlake 3:16

And he gets back up. He goes into a hospital room, and he gives the doctors the ok to remove her from life support. They told my grandfather that she would be dead by the morning. The morning comes, she’s still alive. A week passes, she’s still alive. And two weeks later, she was out of the hospital. My grandmother lived until she was 93 years old. They follow through on his promise to God that he would serve him. And while he was sharecropping, working tobacco fields, and farming the land for the sharecropper owner, he also started a church, and this church grew from just his family to hundreds of people. And it finally got to the place where he can no longer sharecrop, and out of that came, my father and my father had a heart to serve God and pastor and my dad pastored, a church that he started in Creekmore, North Carolina, they grew from 9 people till about 12,000 people. 


Mark Divine 4:09



Tim Timberlake 4:10

It’s one of 14 of my locations that I pastor now. But people would drive from all over the state and out of state to come to church there.


Mark Divine  4:21  

Is your father still alive, still doing it?


Tim Timberlake  4:23  

He died in 2002.


Mark Divine 4:24

Ah, bless him.


Tim Timberlake 4:24

Which is the reason I’m in ministry and I pastor I have no desire to be in church, I had no desire to be in ministry.


Mark Divine 4:31



Tim Timberlake 4:31

As a matter of fact, in 1997, when my dad got terminally ill with cancer, I ran from God, and my perspective of God, at that time was this is the way that God treats his man, I don’t want to serve a God like that. And my faith was not built off of what I had learned about God. It was built off of the backs of my parents and other people. And it wasn’t until I had that amount of pain to hit my life when I lost my father. Then I really understood who God was to me.


Mark Divine 5:04



Tim Timberlake 5:05

And I think for a lot of our listeners, that may be something that we wrestle with. It’s not a matter of if God exists, or if God is even good. It’s, if he is good to me, Does he exist in the areas that I need him in. And I had a very real encounter with God that propelled me and kind of pushed me into a relationship with Jesus, and as a result, teaching and preaching and pastoring and connecting other people to the hope in Jesus as well. And that’s kind of how I got my foundation, and it’s been 19 years man, as serving as a pastor, and leading a church, and an incredible movement of people.


Mark Divine  5:51  

So is it like the, I’m just gonna throw this out here? And I hope I’m not, you know, stepping on anything. But Southern Baptists are, what’s the blankety blank of what it is the church that you are, you’re part of?


Tim Timberlake  6:01  

Yeah, so the the church is called Celebration Church.


Mark Divine 6:05

Celebration Church.


Tim Timberlake 6:05

And it’s a non denominational church, one church with 14 locations.


Mark Divine  6:10  

Okay, so you’re not affiliated with any like, like, I grew up as an Episcopalian or, you know, it’s nothing like that helped me understand the relationship to other churches?


Tim Timberlake  6:20  

I would consider it a part of a um, Bible teaching Charismatic Movement church.


Mark Divine  6:26  

What kind of view of the Bible do you have? You know, a, is it a metaphorical view, or a strict interpretationist view or a..?


Tim Timberlake  6:32  

I have a very black and white view of the Bible, I believe that the Bible is true. I believe that what Jesus states in the Bible is both applicable and life changing and transformational for those that lean into it. But I don’t push what I believe or other people.


Mark Divine 6:49



Tim Timberlake 6:50

And so me and my wife, we have this, this motto, you don’t have to believe what we believe to belong. I believe that the love of Jesus is so contagious, that eventually, you will ask me what I believe.


Mark Divine  7:02  

I love that. Because I agree with that, in principle. And I say it this way that you know, when it comes to spirituality, everyone is a study of N=1, you have to have a direct experience of it, or else is just a philosophy or theology. And so that’s what you’re referring to have a direct experience, whether that’s a direct experience with the love of Jesus, or direct experience with God consciousness itself, or the Holy Ghost or whatever, however, you want to articulate as many different words from many different perspectives or theologies all pointing toward the same thing. You know, if you get to that intimate connection, you can see how all these different perspectives are pointing toward the same thing, even though they might fight about it in the school houses, right. So you didn’t have to do any, like formal training. Did you? Like get your master’s in theology or anything like that?


Tim Timberlake  7:50  

I didn’t get my masters. I did go to Bible College. 


Mark Divine 7:52



Tim Timberlake 7:53

I was one of the best basketball players in North Carolina. 


Mark Divine 7:57



Tim Timberlake 7:58

All five years of high school and…


Mark Divine 7:59

Could you have gotten pro?


Tim Timberlake 8:00

No too small back then. 


Mark Divine 8:01



Tim Timberlake 8:01

Guys my size and make didn’t back there. Now I look in the NBA., and I’m like, Man, I could have made it if I had played now. 


Mark Divine 8:07



Tim Timberlake 8:08

But, but still good. And so I had aspirations to go overseas and play and could have done really, really well. But God caught me into ministry before then, you know, now I have an opportunity to walk with NBA players and NFL players and really help them full spectrum from sports performance to, you know, spiritual and character development.


Mark Divine 8:29



Tim Timberlake 8:30

So it’s been really rewarding to see how God has taken something that I had as a passion in my past, and utilize its purpose now, for my present and for my future.


Mark Divine  8:42  

Now, that’s cool. What has been the biggest challenge in your life where you know, you literally were hitting a wall and you didn’t know what was next?


Tim Timberlake  8:50  

I can say the biggest challenge in my life has always been me. I think that if we’re not careful, our insecurities scream louder than our confidences. And I believe our insecurities can lead dictate and try to determine what we do. So we have to learn how to not just navigate, but really wrestle with our insecurities, our anxieties, our worries, our fears, because those things can turn into walls that hinder us from advancing in this life. And so for me, one of the biggest things that I had struggled with was doubt. Am I able, am I capable of doing these things that are in front of me, and am I capable of continuing to be great or good at them? And I believe for all of us, listening and leaning into this moment, that’s something that we all have to wrestle with. And if we can conquer that doubt, every single day, because every single day, it will reappear in a different form or fashion, that I believe we take steps of health and wholeness. So on this journey of life to success, and so I have the saying Mark. 


Mark Divine 10:04



Tim Timberlake 10:04

We have to schedule our victories, because our defeats and our doubts will schedule themselves. 


Mark Divine 10:10

So true. 


Tim Timberlake 10:11

If we can schedule the triumphs of our day, if we can even schedule the celebrations of our day, it gives us enough energy to get through the moments of doubt, in the moments of insecurity that we’ll all be faced with.


Mark Divine  10:23  

I’m listening to your words. And I’m seeing so many similarities, even though I’m not, well like I’ve read the Bible, and I believe in God and Christianity, I grew up as a Christian, I have a very different perspective based upon my 35 years of meditation experience. So that has brought me different contexts and relationships. But anyways, when it comes to training, I have a similar two similar sayings or you know, admonishments. One is bring the challenge to yourself, before the universe does. So we do that by going out and challenging ourselves in a big way to grow. And we do that physically, emotionally, and spiritually. And I even have a program that you would actually love. It’s called Kokoro Camp. Kokoro means merging your heart and mind and your actions. And it’s 50 hours of non stop physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual team training, no sleep. Cased upon the Navy SEALs Hell week. 


Tim Timberlake 11:18



Mark Divine 11:18

So if you want that…


Tim Timberlake 11:19



Mark Divine 11:19

If you want a piece of that, just let me know. And then I also say is win in your mind before you step foot into the battlefield every day. And that’s similar to your saying of, you know, schedule the wins. So in the morning, take the time, through contemplation through prayer, through meditation, through reading the Bible, or spiritual works, and get your mind clear of what the day is going to look like and how it’s going to go. And you and I know and people who are listening who do this know, it’s a game changer. And days that you missed this, because all you got to get too early for the flight, or maybe you didn’t get a good night’s sleep, then suddenly, God has a way of reminding you how important that work is.


Tim Timberlake  11:59  

Absolutely. 100% Life has a way of reminding us that we have a desperate need. And this gravitational pull to reset, arrest, slow down pace, and focus our life on what really matters most. 


Mark Divine 12:20



Tim Timberlake 12:21

Life has a way of forcing us to do those things if we don’t schedule them.


Mark Divine  12:25  

What are some of the transformations that you have seen amongst, you know, your followers or your parishioners, right? People who come in, stuck in a rut, you know, emotionally bankrupt, maybe even suicidal? And what is it that transforms them? I mean, it’s easy to just say, Oh, they found God, but like, from your perspective, and your knowledge as both a coach and someone who’s been involved in emotional development, and now, obviously, for a long time, a religious kind of orientation and service. Like what are some of the different ways that people are transformed through your work and your words, and just the words of Jesus or God, or however, we want to contextualize it.


Tim Timberlake  13:06  

So I coach people that both believe what I believe and don’t believe what I believe. I coached people that don’t believe in God at all. And the one thing that I found consistent throughout all humanity, everyone has a hope in something. And so it’s a hope for a better tomorrow, it’s a hope for a better future. Some may have a hope in God. But we all have a hope and an expectation in something. And so the thing that I try to connect people with that are in those dire and crisis situations is connected to the silver lining of hope. 

I consider myself to be a hope architect. And that is helping other people discover, find and build hope in their life. And so when we look at the framework of life, all of us have some type of hope we can cling on to, we can hold on to, we can kind of base the foundation of our life on and off of. And if I can point people back to that place, it takes their focus, and really their worries off of the problems and really puts it on the ability to see opportunity in them. And so we can’t control what happens to us. But we can control how you respond to what happens to us. And if we respond the right way. It gives us an opportunity to learn in the areas that we may experience pain, that we may experience trauma, that we may experience PTSD, and that we may experience any type of life’s crisis in. And if we can learn from those things, then we get stronger from those things. It’s when we don’t learn from those things, that pain tends to revisit us in other areas of our life over again. And so if I can get people no matter what their walk of life is, no matter what their background is, to look at these moments as an opportunity to learn and find the silver lining in it, then we grow from it. And it doesn’t have to revisit us in the days to come.


Mark Divine  15:07  

Yeah. What do you believe in individual’s purposes in life? Is there an overarching purpose, from your perspective, like to evolve and grow the spirit? Or is it more of an individuated? Hey, my karma said I needed to come in and learn this lesson, or is it both? I know, you know, Christianity doesn’t believe in karma. But you know.


Tim Timberlake  15:25  

for sure, I believe it’s kind of a combination of both. I believe our purpose is to add value to the lives of other people.


Mark Divine 15:34



Tim Timberlake 15:34

And this is what I truly believe, we’ll be known for one of two things at the end of our lives. And that’s this the problems that we solve or the problems that we create. We’re not here to merely exist within our own ability, and our own power, our own efforts, we are here to help other people along the way. And in doing so we provide opportunities to add value to people’s lives. And so when you really think about money, and we really think about the currency, currency, and money is the reward for a problem solved. That’s what it is. And when we can help people solve problems, when we can help add value to people’s lives other things come with that, you know, there’s fulfillment that comes with that there’s opportunities to help other people that come with that. And in the grand scheme of things, that’s what I believe our purpose is attached to. Helping other people advance helping other people get the gold and the greatness out of them. And in any way, in any time, I can do that. It helps me to fulfill the purpose that I believe God has given me.


Mark Divine  16:46  

I love that. One of the things that I’ve really learned, and maybe came to a little late in my life I wish I had come to it earlier, is that one of the best ways to help others is through forgiveness. If you’re trying to help others, and you haven’t opened your heart, into a place of acceptance and non judgmentalism, and just absolute utter forgiveness, which is really the root of Jesus’s teachings, then you may be more effective, maybe just a transactional thing, and you’re still leaving a carbon copy of kind of that judgment upon the world or in on yourself. Cause ultimately everything, every action you take, you leave a carbon copy in yourself, which is why supporting and helping others is so powerful, but if you got to deal with it with a good heart, right, with forgiveness.


Tim Timberlake  17:27  

And forgiveness, very little time, there’s about the other person.


Mark Divine 17:31



Tim Timberlake 17:32

So when I forgive someone, it’s not necessarily for them, it’s me acknowledging that that person no longer has power over my decisions. I mean, think about this for a moment, how much power do we give another individual, when they hold our thoughts captive, when they hold our life prison, or prisoners, when they hold our time, encapsulated by the idea of them, instead of giving them that much power, forgive them from it, and you may have to forgive them from it many, many times. But don’t give them the power to control how you feel. You control how you feel, and you can control the decisions that you make from that feeling. So forgive them move beyond it doesn’t mean that you will forget. But it means that they no longer hold you hostage to what they did, or what they did not do.


Mark Divine  18:26  

100% truth there. And this gets more challenging, you know, the more the atrocity, you know, perpetuated on on an individual or even a collective, you know, like, let’s, let’s go to the slavery issue. You know, your grandfather was a sharecropper. But his grandfather was a slave. Right? 


Tim Timberlake 18:43



Mark Divine 18:43

And I’m not in your shoes. Obviously, I don’t look like you do. ut, but I can see my heart is open enough to see how painful that must have been.


Tim Timberlake 18:51



Mark Divine 18:52

And how hard it would be collectively to forgive that. And so you’re seeing that played out is some of the cultural things that are happening in critical race theory, which is now like anger projected at the perpetrators, which is keeping that stain collectively on the heart of of those. So I don’t know, just for people listening this like forgiveness, even, you know, and I think about the Jews. I was at the Holocaust Museum in New York, and oh, my god, the evil, the horror, but you have to forgive. And you know, I know someone listening who went through that saying, but you don’t understand, Mark. You’re right. I don’t, but I do understand, just like you do, Tim, that ultimately, it’s about you, your world. And if you want your world to evolve, if you want your world to be one of peace, you have to forgive. That’s the ultimate…


Tim Timberlake 19:41

That’s it.


Mark Divine 19:41

Gift to yourself. Yeah. And humanity.


Tim Timberlake  19:44  

Unforgiveness, it’s like drinking poison and thinking the other person will die. 


Mark Divine 19:50

OMG, that’s awesome.


Tim Timberlake 19:53

It puts us in a place where we are now hostage to something and here’s the crazy part about it. The person that we are harboring unforgiveness towards most of the time, aren’t even thinking about what they did to us. They’re on to the next thing and so we have to get beyond this unforgiveness. Forgive so that we can start, initiate, activate the healing process and move beyond the season that we’re in, so that we’re not prisoners to something that someone else did to us, when we have the power to decide to unlock that gate, unlock those chains, and move and operate in forgiveness for our lives.


Mark Divine  20:36  

So if someone’s got a hardened heart because they were abused, let’s say sec, you know, there’s a really nasty, tough sexually abused as a child or raped or something, you know, how do you help them move toward forgiveness? Because it’s not easy.


Tim Timberlake  20:48  

One of the first things that I ask trauma victims that have been through molestation, rape, sexual assault, is this, the unforgiveness that you have, how has it advanced you? How has it pushed you forward? And the answer comes back to the same thing. It hasn’t. It only makes us sicker. And something that was meant to hurt us one time can hurt us a lifetime, if we continue to operate in unforgiveness. And I’m not saying this because forgiveness is easy. I’m saying that you have to do the hard and difficult work of forgiveness so that your life can start healing and your life can start growing and your life can start moving in the direction of joy and peace. And every day, you have to make up in your mind to forgive the person that caused you so much pain, but I just encourage our listeners, don’t give those people more power over you to dictate and determine or delay the greatness and the goal that is in you because of unforgiveness. And so I just encourage our listeners right now, for those that are listening, that have been through crisis and have been through trauma that have been through pain, to release those people that have hurt you, so that you don’t allow them to become rulers over you and determine what you do and how you do it. 


Mark Divine  22:16  

That’s super powerful. And you know what the best growth comes from the hardest challenges, or the most growth.


Tim Timberlake 22:21



Mark Divine 22:22

And shy away from the hard stuff. In fact, once you go in once you go into the belly of the beast the first time, then it gets easier and easier.


Tim Timberlake  22:28  

That’s right. Oftentimes, we want to run from the very place that we can experience our greatest fulfillment. You know, you think about the difficulties of serving, you think about the difficulties of the assignments and the different tasks that you had to carry out on the other end of those things with some of the greatest fulfillment, Were you tired? Absolutely! Was your body in pain? Absolutely. But there’s fulfillment that comes from having put in the work. Having gone through the pain, having endured those things that you would not have learned if you had not gone through them in the first place. It’s just like lifting weights, we all have in our mind the picture of what we want to be and how we want our body to look. But it’s not until we get under the weight of resistance that we give our bodies an opportunity to develop and form and grow into who we have seen our body developing and growing into. It doesn’t come without pain, though. It doesn’t come without tension. It doesn’t come without friction. All of those things produce in our physical bodies, the results that we want to see, it’s no different in life. There’s no results without the friction without the tension without the pain that we have to endure, to get out of this life. What we know we’re capable of getting out of it. 


Mark Divine  23:49 

Yeah, you know, you’ve got a large community of people who are supporting each other and working toward health and trying to like, find heaven on earth, in your own community, in spite of all that crap that’s going on out there, right, because that’s what I that’s kind of what I teach. And I can see that like, we have all these pockets of very healthy people who are communicating together supporting each other and seeing that real health is not believing the mainstream dialogue on food. It’s not believing the mainstream dialogue on medicine, which is propped up by the sickness industry. It’s not buying into the the war violence industrial complex, which is just keeping us in a perpetual state of debt and war. So my question to you is like, what, and you live in Florida, like what’s the current state of the mind and communication about your, amongst your tribes, about the current state of affairs in this country and culture and divisive politics? I know that’s a broad based thing, but just whatever comes to your mind.


Tim Timberlake  24:44  

For sure. Yeah, I think the biggest thing is making sure to keep people focus that our hope won’t be found in politics. 


Mark Divine 24:53



Tim Timberlake 24:54

Our hope won’t be found in science.


Mark Divine 24:55



Tim Timberlake 24:56

Our hope won’t be found in those things. And so our core belief has to be deeper than what we can find in other people.


Mark Divine 25:04

Or in government. 


Tim Timberlake 25:05

Yeah, that’s right, no matter what side of the aisle that people sit on, because we have people that watch us, and we have people that listen that vote all different types of ways. But this is what we have to agree on. Your differences should not be a divisive tool that brings further separation, it has to be that your differences are talked through. And we come to some understanding and agreement. And I believe in the last season, that was removed from humanity, and it was almost, if a person believes differently than what I believe if a person views something differently than what I view it, then they’re cut off, they’re canceled these things, or they’re ostracized. And I believe that we have to understand that in order for us to advance as humanity, society, as a culture, to understand the differences that people have, whether we agree with them or not. And that’s what I’ve tried to communicate to our people so that we can continue to spread hope instead of hate, that we can continue to spread love, instead of divisiveness. And, you know, when we do those things, it helps us to not see just the differences in people, but see the humanity in people. And when we look at the humanity in people and when we look at what brings us together, there’s a couple of things I believe that brings us together, Mark, the first one is food, all of us can agree that we need food.


Mark Divine  26:36  

And we need healthy sustainable food. 


Tim Timberlake  26:40  

That’s right, we need sustainable food. The second thing that you look at is music, no matter what language no matter what background, no matter what demographic people come from, we all have this mutual agreement around music. The third one is sports. When you look at the different world sporting events, such as the World Cup, or such as the Olympics, it is the world gathering together to celebrate a sporting event. But then the fourth one is what I believe connects us like nothing else. And that’s pain. When we look at the pain of humanity, when we look at the pain of society, when we look at the pain of what’s going on in our world right now, that should unite us like never before to try and figure out how can we help other people get out of the pain that they may be enduring right now? Just as someone else along the way has tried to help us?


Mark Divine  27:37  

Yeah, absolutely. I love those four things. And I also, you know, if I were just to say to any listener, that the people to trust, or people who talk, who promote that philosophy, some version of what you’re talking about. Where the sameness is absolutely set in stone. And the differences are applauded, and embraced and enjoyed through the arts and sports and through literature and scholarly work, right, instead of like pointing out the differences and creating divisivenes. Any movement toward healing on this planet has to come from that perspective, where we’re all the same humans are all the same. We’re all created the same in the eyes of God, however you define that. That diversity is a blessing, because then we get to enjoy the individual nature of every human being living out this Godly existence. Any type of platform or institution or government body that doesn’t lead with that is not truth. Right? That is falsehood. And so if you think that there’s going to be some sort of one way one world governments that has a technocratic totalian system that puts people into reeducation camps, or denounces and deep platforms you if you don’t agree to them, because you’re different, that is seriously dangerous, slippery slope, and not truth. That’s falsehood. I just have to say that because everyone has to see that truth leads with an open heart and a hand not a not a gun and a you know, censorship. So what if you’re 1440 philosophy? Does that have to do with the number of minutes in the day and to count carefully? 


Tim Timberlake 29:14

It does.


Mark Divine 29:14



Tim Timberlake  29:15  

There are 1440 minutes in a day. And I believe that the way we steward those minutes, and I say steward, because I believe it’s really hard to manage what you can’t control.


Mark Divine 29:24



Tim Timberlake 29:25

So we can’t tell time to stop, we can tell it to speed up, we can’t rewind it. But what we can do is stewarded it very well, and how we steward, those 1440 minutes determine the moments that we create from them. And those moments are what we will remember for the rest of our lives. And so the book, The Power 1440 it’s not a time management book, it is a stewardship book on making meaningful moments with the life that you have, because in those moments, those things will stick to you like meat on bones for the rest of your life.


Mark Divine  29:58  

And also, you know, This ties to your second book, your new book, The Art of Overcoming, because in order to make the best opportunity to steward those moments, you’ve got to overcome the fear and the trauma and the big things that are holding you back. Otherwise, you’re captive to them. Right?


Tim Timberlake  30:14  

That’s right. I believe that there is an art to overcome. I believe that when you hear that word, it sounds a lot more glamorous than what it is. But sometimes overcoming is waking up the next day putting your feet on the ground and saying I survived. And a lot of times, we diminish the little victories that we get throughout each and every day. And we have a tendency to blow past them. But this book teaches us how to really honor those victories and celebrate those victories, as well as give honor to the things that we had an opportunity to live with, and no longer live within our lives. And so every season presents, wins every season in our life produces opportunities for us to learn. But as long as we’re learning, we’re not losing. And the art of overcoming teaches us just that. How we can let things rest in peace without losing our peace. And understanding that although something is ending, it is not the end, and my prayer us , those that read these books are infused with hope, and a knowing that everything is going to be okay.


Mark Divine  31:18  

I love that. You said something there. As long as you’re learning, you’re not losing or something like that. What was that comment?


Tim Timberlake  31:24  

Every season we we win, and every season we learn. But as long as you learn, you don’t lose because you’ve learned something from it. And in that moment, it may feel like a loss. But it’s not a loss, it’s a learning opportunity for you not to make the same mistakes over and over again.


Mark Divine 31:40

I love it. Right.


Tim Timberlake 31:40

I believe it was, Edison said, I have not failed at discovering electricity. 


Mark Divine 31:46



Tim Timberlake 31:46

I’ve just determined 10,500 ways that electricity can not be done.


Mark Divine  31:52  

In the SEALs, you know, when in training new SEALs, we say there’s no such thing as failure, there’s just the failure to learn. Everything that goes wrong, it’s not a failure. It’s just another way of figuring out how to how not to do it. And so use that to learn how to do it differently. That’s such a great motivation. So from a practical sense, we’re gonna kind of wind down here in a few minutes. But from a practical sense, what or do you have any like top recommendations to move toward overcoming if people feel stuck, or not sure where to go or how to approach it?


Tim Timberlake  32:21  

Yeah, so three things that I encourage our listeners to do. The first one is this, acknowledge that you need assistance and overcoming. So often, particularly alphas, we have this mentality that we can do everything in our own power, we don’t need help, we resist help. But the reality is, is that we may run faster alone, but we will run longer alongside of someone else. And so talk to someone get information, get resources get poured into by someone that sees differently than you do, because all of us has blind spots. And here’s the danger with blind spots. Blind spots let you look, but they don’t allow you to see. And if you don’t see the areas in your life, that need assistance and need help and need to be strengthened, then you will fall and get weaker in those areas. The second thing I encourage our listeners to do, is to get plugged into community, some type of life giving community that feeds you and fills you, and gives you an opportunity to both get poured into and to pour into others. And then the third thing is give yourself the same amount of grace that you would give other people if you were helping them go through a crisis. And this is important, because we typically are so hard on ourselves that we forget that we are both a masterpiece and a work in progress.


Mark Divine  33:47  

And you know, it’s very true also that some people find it easier to put their attention in helping someone else out far more than they’ll give you that that kind of attention to themselves, their own needs and to ask for help. Or you’re right, we’re not trained to ask for help, especially guys, that’s part of our cultural conditioning and is flat out wrong. This is one of our big drivers for that program in SEALFIT I told you about. Is really to recognize that anything worthy in life, you just can’t do it alone. It’s a fantasy to think that you can do it alone. You can try but either you will not see the success. Or you won’t find the joy of sharing that victory with a team. 


Tim Timberlake 34:23

That’s right. 


Mark Divine 34:24

Congratulations on the book. You’re on a book tour, sounds like it’s great to get out and see people in person. I got to take that into heart. My next book is coming out next year. It’s called Uncommon. In my head. I was already thinking oh yeah, I’ll probably get ready for the podcast or and I’ll be standing in my office again for hours and hours and hours. I’m like, wait a minute. I need to get out on the road and talk to people. I think that’s a great idea. Were some of the places you’re going to be.


Tim Timberlake  34:47  

I just left California last week. I’ve been in all over Florida, North Carolina, Nashville, Tennessee, Lynchburg, Virginia. And so I’ve kind of been all over the map.


Mark Divine  35:00  

Are you going to other parishes? Are you going to like book signings? Or how does that look for you?


Tim Timberlake  35:04  

A hodgepodge of everything. So, from TV shows to other churches to other executive meetings to other opportunities to talk in theater. Last week, I was just at the Sorbonne theatre, in Beverly Hills. It just depends on the city and depends on the relationships that are there. So I’ll be in Minneapolis next week with it.


Mark Divine  35:27  

Do you have like that tour scheduled posted on your website or anything? If somebody’s wanting to connect with you? 


Tim Timberlake  35:32  

Yes, so on TimTimberlake.TV, you’ll find everything from social media to the various books that I have out. And where I’ll be. And that’s TimTimberlake.TV.


Mark Divine  35:43  

TimTimberlake.TV. And that’s the primary place you would like people to go to connect with you. 


Tim Timberlake 35:47



Mark Divine 35:48

And the book, Harper’s coming out, um of course, that’ll be available everywhere. Do you have any kind of a preorder deal with that?


Tim Timberlake  35:55  

The book is out now The Art of Overcoming.


Mark Divine 35:57

Oh it’s out?


Tim Timberlake 35:58

Yep, doing very, very well. And you can go pick that book up wherever books are sold, or one consolidated site, The Art Of Overcomingbook.com and has all the retailers where you can order the book online. And I appreciate all the love and support, I believe the book is going to add value to your life.


Mark Divine  36:17  

Hooyah, I am sure it will. Tim well, you’ve added value to mine and our listeners been such a great conversation. You’ve got a great heart. Really appreciate you for the work you’re doing. And thank you for coming on The Mark Divine Show. I really appreciate it brother. 


Tim Timberlake  36:29  

It’s such an honor privilege. Thank you so much for having me on.


Mark Divine  36:32  

Yeah, it’s been my pleasure. Hooyah. What a really, really fascinating episode. Thank you so much, Mr. Timberlake. Wow. I love your heart, your energy, your care, your concern, your presence. Thank you. Amazing, amazing, amazing. I love the quote, you can run faster alone, but you’ll run longer with a team. And as long as you learn, you’re not losing. Great stuff. You can find that episode up on our YouTube channel. 

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Transcribed by Catherine and  https://otter.ai



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