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Treating a disease is a fight for your life. And if you're not willing to do anything to stay alive, you probably won't.

Dr. Christian Issels
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Dr Christian Issels(@Issels.com), founder and head of the renowned Issels Medical Center, spearheads groundbreaking advancements in cancer treatment. His pioneering leadership has propelled the Issels Immuno Biologic Treatment to attain prolonged remissions for diverse advanced cancers. With a commitment to holistic health, Dr. Issels blends medical innovation with personalized care, fostering lasting recovery for his patients. His unwavering dedication to advancing immunotherapy has solidified his reputation in integrative medicine.

“Anything in a box or in a can, don’t eat.”

-Christian Issels


Key Takeaways:

  • Vital Lifestyle Choices: Optimal health hinges on a lifestyle that prevents diseases. Prioritize a balanced diet supporting liver function, reduce sugar intake, stay hydrated, and supplement wisely for comprehensive nutritional support.
  • Disease Defense: Mastering low inflammation is crucial for preventing diseases like cancer, heart issues, and autoimmune disorders. Prioritize proper sleep, exercise regularly, and adopt an anti-inflammatory diet to significantly lower health risks.
  • Adrenal Support for Immune Resilience: Ensure optimal adrenal function for a robust immune system. Embrace a low-stress lifestyle and reduce or cut out alcohol, sugar, and caffeine to support your adrenals and enhance overall immune function.
  • EMF Awareness: Understand the impact of EMFs on cellular energy balance. EMFs alter cell fields, posing a significant threat. Addressing this imbalance is crucial, as disease manifests when cellular energy is disrupted.

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Welcome to the Mark Divine show. This is your host Mark Divine. Thanks so much for joining me today. I appreciate your time very much. On the show, I love to talk to folks from all walks of life to explore what it means to be fearless through the lens of the world’s most compassionate, resilient and courageous leaders. I speak to folks from all walks of life, top meditation monks and blockchain wizards, survivors of extreme adversity and top doctors curing people of cancer such as our guest today, Dr. Christian Issels, who for the past 20 years has been treating over 2000 patients with late stage cancer, who had stopped responding to chemotherapy and other conventional treatments. He’s using what he calls the Issel’s immunotherapy protocol. He’s the son of the famous doctor Josef Issels from Germany, who pioneered immunotherapy for cancer and had for 20 years the largest inpatient hospital in Germany with over 100 beds solely treating what they called incurable cancer patients. Super excited to have Dr. Issels with me here today to talk about his unique view on cancer therapy, and how he’s healing people at his Mexican clinic. Doctor Issels thanks so much for joining me today. 

Mark Divine 1:04

Dr. Isselsl, thanks so much for joining me here on the Mark Divine Show. I’m super stoked to have you. And it’s nice to see you again, as we were talking about a moment ago. 

Dr. Christian Issels  1:12  

Great to be here. Great to be here. Thanks for having me.

Mark Divine  1:15  

Oh, yeah, it’s my pleasure. And like I said, just for the listeners, I actually met Dr. Issels years ago, around 2003 or four, when I was dealing with some allergy issue, and a friend of mine introduced me and we went up to Santa Barbara to his clinic. And it was quite impressive what you were doing back then already with curing cancer and all sorts of immune deficiency. And basically, after assessing me, you said, You know what, you’re dehydrated. Drink some water, no charge. I was like, that was actually the best advice I’ve gotten in a long time. Because, you know, a lot of things can be solved when you’re hydrated properly, right? I mean…

Dr. Christian Issels 1:51

Correct. Yeah…

Mark Divine 1:51

Isn’t it true that a lot of a lot of issues come from dehydration, because then your body gets really acidic and bad things start to happen, right?

Dr. Christian Issels  1:59  

Well, yeah, that’s it you know, just think about the body being like, you know, a city, and he runs out of water, you know, what happens to a city if there’s no no sewer. And the same thing with the body, if you don’t get rid of the sewage it’s going to build up, and you’re gonna get problems, you’re gonna have rats, you’re gonna have pestilence, diseases.

Mark Divine  2:15  

Rats, imagine rats running around the inside of your body. That’s quite an image.


Dr. Christian Issels  2:19  

Yeah, it’s kind of a bad image. But you know, the job as a doctor is to make sure the body is just running correctly. And once you do that, anything else that doesn’t clear out by itself needs a little bit of help. That’s where I come in.


Mark Divine  2:30  

Before we get into kind of your work. I recall, you’re operating in the, you know, I wouldn’t want to say shadow, but in the long legacy of your father’s work, talk us about that origin story. What was his experience? Was his work accepted, or was he kind of sidelined? And how did you kind of start here in America and falling in his footsteps. 


Dr. Christian Issels  2:51  

So, that’s an interesting story, he started his treatment of cancer patients by accident in 1951. And he, was he was a GP practitioner, and he got, he was doing really well with using natural therapies and working in on the whole body principle. And so he told me, now I have this friend of ours, you know, she has breast cancer, and she’s not responding to the chemotherapy, you know, just give it a try. And, you know, he treated her, unfortunately, she died, but that kind of got him going, Okay, this is actually working, the whole body approach does work for cancer. At least back then they had just figured out, you know, you just gonna do chemotherapy, cut it out, and then hopefully, they will respond, if they don’t, they will die. And again, that’s that systems sole suite now, and as that was 70 plus years ago. And then he got more involved, and more involved, and he developed the protocol. You know, the idea is that you know, the immune system is your  best friend, and you support the immune system, and then eliminate what he called the causal factors. It’s basically the issues, why you get sick in the first place, remove those, then give the body the right nutrition, and then the body will heal itself, because he believed this was, I believe, is that the immune system in the body, you know, the body heals itself. And you look at antibiotics, you take those just to keep the infection at bay until the immune system has a chance to produce antibodies against infection and their immune system kills it off. But you know, antibiotics just a few years static, they do not really, you know, stop infection per se, but it can give you body time to heal itself or to address the infection. And then back to that he started that in in, you know, that progress and in 1955, he opened up the first clinic for terminal cancer patients in Germany. And of course, we’ve seen, you know, so actually, how his processes working, he was very outspoken about it. And he made a lot of people angry. And during 1960, he actually got arrested for treating cancer patients in Germany. 


Mark Divine  4:42  

That’s what I was thought because I remember you telling the story. I heard that story. 


Dr. Christian Issels  4:46  

Now they’re calling it out like 10 counts again, because he’s supposed to have told people they shouldn’t get you know, surgery and that’s why they died. And he was against anti establishment. You know, he went to you know, it took him five years to clear his name, but he was spoken innocent by the judges there in Germany, and then he started in, I kept working until he was about until 1975. Then he retired again, short term, open opportunity. I mean 1980, for another 10 years. And then he retired again, but he still couldn’t sit still. And then in 95, he actually went to a clinic in Mexico, you know, showed them the program. That’s how we get them off in Mexico right now. And I was the first clinic in the US in 2004. 


Mark Divine  5:27  

Howdid it come to you started working for him? Were you always interested in that? 


Dr. Christian Issels  5:31  

Well, no, I was trying this when I was growing up. I mean, everything we did was discussing cancer, everything, every dinner, he discussed cases where we know what he’s doing and other patients were doing. So that was around it all the time. He’d explain his thinking behind how he’s addressing issues, how he’s looking at patient care. And so I was just overwhelmed by just I’m not going to do this, I’m going to totally avoid this, you know, then after a while, I got back to it. And that’s okay. Um, you know, might as well do it, because it’s in my blood. I think I’m pretty good at it. And so yeah, it’s very easy as I was raised around there faking of you know, the holistic faking that the immunes the body knows how to heal itself. And our job is to get rid of the problems, why it’s not healing, get rid of the obstacles is to cure. And you know, like you said, what are not what is obscene look here, it’s basically about getting rid of the toxins.


Mark Divine  6:19  

So you talk a lot about and you mentioned it a few times already immunotherapy. So that’s treating the immune system. And also you’ve talked about it being, and needing a holistic or an integrative approach, which makes a lot of sense. So let’s, let’s just talk about what those two things mean. What is an integrated approach, obviously, multi-dimensional whole person, but let’s talk specifics. And then when it comes to immunotherapy, like, you’ve been through a lot of trial and error in this probably a lot of people here listening are like, yeah, I’m curious, like, what do we do? If I if I think I or if I have cancer, or if even if I’ve got allergies or an auto immune deficiency, and maybe there are different protocols. 


Dr. Christian Issels  6:54  

Yeah, the principle I began in, in general cancer patients, that you know, the immune system is not broken, it’s just unfocused. So like in a lot of cases, you know, people, if they have no immune system, you’d be dead right away by infections, and people that you know, they’re not dying. So basically, the immune system is working, except it’s not working the way it should. It’s unfocused, it’s not quite where it needs to go. There’s a reason why it’s doing what it’s doing. It’s the reason why it’s focused on x versus on y. So our goal is that, find out one, why is it focused on the wrong area by doing some testing. Secondly, it is important to make sure it’s activated right away, so that it does its job, you know, to help the cancer patient. And that’’s where you  use cell therapies. Cell therapies are basically use natural killer cells, which are the ones who destroy tumors, use T cells, okay they are the ones that are kill cancer cells. Then we use cells, which are actually in the generals, and they guide to cells where to go, we take those cells out of your body, activate them,by going through a process if this actually is a cell separator where it crosses a certain membrane, but some other agents to make the cells looking for antigens, they picked the antigens up against the cancer, and then they grown out in reinjected in the fight the cancer pretty aggressively with no side effects. And then the next part is addressing the why. Why did you have this? I mean, what caused this, this is a chronic viral infection. Is it related to stress in your life, you know, is it diet? And you know, is it EMFs toxic exposures, you know, they all play a role, we need to know what it is because we just don’t want to go and say, well, cancer is the disease of the X, they just treat X. But every case is so unique, you may have the same diagnosis, but the reason why you have it could be totally different. So we need to know ok, do you have a virus or you know, for example, Epstein Barr is a common one I see the cancer patients, you know, then I see load off the EMFs being an issue as well, geopathic triigs those are a part, dental issues, you know, type of infections. Additionally, and all these are part of you know, why the body doesn’t work correctly. And then of course, poor nutrition. Normally in genrally, you get older, you’re not absorbing as well. So you have to make sure that the nutrition you take in actually gets into your body to do its job, make sure you absorb it correctly. That’s usually the first step, digestion number one, because that feeds everything, if you don’t have proper digestion, no matter what you do, your body won’t really heal it because it can’t, because he doesn’t have this subsidy to do that to substrate.


Mark Divine  9:17  

So yeah, there’s a lot of factors trying to understand the why I imagined so you have to go through a rigorous test.


Dr. Christian Issels  9:23  

You know, that’s not going to be a one shot cure, tnever will be, it’s too complex.


Mark Divine  9:28  

Yeah. And very personalized, gonna be different for every individual. Right?


Dr. Christian Issels 9:30



Mark Divine 9:31

So how does one have the best chance of not having to show up with cancer at your clinic, but maybe being able to say, I’ve caught something early or I have a predisposition, you know, so catch it earlier.


Dr. Christian Issels  9:46  

Anytime you can avoid, you know, getting a disease, it’s gonna you know, it is beneficial, smart, you know, so again, if you look at lifestyle, you know, low stress, if you can have low stress in your life, p&l don’t get exposed to low EMF, like cell phones, it’s just unavoidable now, don’t get vaccinations because they are very dangerous.


Mark Divine  10:07  

I want to double click on both of those when you’re done here. So those two are I’m curious about.


Dr. Christian Issels  10:13  

Of course, hydration is there. I mean, the biggest toxic exposure is probably you know, I think carbohydrates are very, very dangerous.


Mark Divine  10:19  

I mean, it’s too much sugar, too much glucose,


Dr. Christian Issels  10:23  

Well it’s something you know, sugars are inflammatory. So we, you know, cancer is actually a disease of chronic inflammation. I mean, all diseases are inflammation related. So cancer is one of them. So you don’t want to increase the inflammation level. And you know, also when you have too much sugar, reducing immune function as well, you lose, you know, you have microcirculation decreases, things like that. So you don’t have a good circulation system to get where it needs to go.


Mark Divine  10:45  

To eliminate sugar and, you know, simple carbohydrates like, do you have a specific nutritional recommendation? Or is it really just personalized again? 


Dr. Christian Issels  10:54  

I mean, I’ve been studying this quite a bit over the last, and I’ve changed my mind quite a bit. I was going to, you know, you know, low carb diet. And then another thing is called carnivore diet. I think that’s pretty interesting as well. I mean, the best diet is the one you can stay on long term. A concern I have is anytime I change the diet, and if it’s not something that can be done long term, if you stop it again, you back into square one. So basically, you go back to the problem as before, because people, you know, they don’t comply with something long term to something they don’t want to do.


Mark Divine  11:21  

I agree with you. My, you know, when I work with my clients, I say, let’s not follow a diet, but let’s follow some principles. So here’s some principles, right? Eat as close to the Earth as possible, right. If you’re gonna eat carbohydrates, gonna be complex carbohydrates from vegetables, and a little bit of fruit. And then you’re gonna get a high quality protein and a lot of fat. And so you can call that kind of paleo keto diet, if you want. Call it what you want. It doesn’t matter. And then intermittent fast and fast mimic. 


Dr. Christian Issels  11:47  

Yeah, I agree. That’s good. I would one thing I have any so patients anything in a box or in a can, don’t eat.


Mark Divine  11:56  

Yeah, actually, if it comes with a barcode, probably stay away, right? 


Dr. Christian Issels  12:00  

Yeah, don’t eat it. I mean, that’s again, you know, you’re not getting good quality of food. In segway, according, I mean, it’s very, not really a silly thing to say but if you have a loaf of bread, and you lift it up and it bends on both sides, don’t eat it, because there’s not enough enough fiber in there to really support it. So basically, that’s going to be sugar, pure sugar. Basically, I mean these are the things people can actually see okay, I lift a box, you have no good, can no good, bread bending not good, ok, I know what I can avoid, you know, anytime you eat, anything that’s fresh, is of course better. I mean, you know, they did studies where they looked at, you know, vitamins given through ups and derived vitamins in up derived in laboratory, the ones plant derived, you know, they’re more efficient, they’re more effective, because the energy is different. The bonds in the molecules have energy and it comes from somewhere. And this comes from the sun, which can be better for you than it comes from a Bunsen burner.


Mark Divine  12:51  

Right, and it’s gonna be better than if it comes from a cow or chicken even because that’s, there’s toxins in that meat and…


Dr. Christian Issels 12:58



Mark Divine 12:58

…so you know, the animals, particularly the cows trap the emotions of their horrific death in the meat, which is you know, again, it’s a little out of the scope of this but science science will one day understand that that’s not healthy for humans. 


Dr. Christian Issels  13:12  

Energy is everything. I mean, people discuss disease, and this this disease, is basically it’s a disease of function you know, that’s what they call you know that it’s called the illness but then disease basically the origin was not at ease that’s why you’re sick to get back to a healthy state you I would get rid of the dis-ease and make it easy. Yeah, so…


Mark Divine  13:31  

I like that. what about cooked food like vegetables versus raw Aren’t you getting a lot more of the nutrients when it’s raw?


Dr. Christian Issels  13:39  

Depends on the vegetable you know, if example, they say you know, tomatoes for example, they’re better when they’re cooked and the fairness example, it’s you know, if it’s not cooked it’s hard to get some nutrition out of it. Even when you steam it you don’t throw it on a boil it you know, we see when the breakdown you know, the fiber so you can actually get the nutrition out of the vegetable. Green beans or I’m not sure I don’t like them that much because they have the some toxins in them as well. But basically anything you can eat, steamed is fine, nothing boiled to death. But you know pot roast is not good. 


Mark Divine  14:12  

Yeah, so nutrition is huge, but also hyper arousal and also sleep deprivation seem to me two of the major causes of disease today. Do you see that in a lot of your patients?


Dr. Christian Issels  14:23  

Commonly, I’ve seen patients you know they have a stress stressful have in the past five years prior to diagnosis. So it has something you know something they lose a business or you know, lose love while going through a divorce, maybe even five years to you to get some kind of chronic disease. If you constantly stress it’s you know, a new cause level to elevate it. You know, you cannot absorb you cannot heal this when you’re running from the tiger. The body doesn’t want to do anything but you know, have muscle power, so you can run. And so the whole process of absorption was you know, it’s not gonna be effective so that you get whatever you eat in that moment in time, you’re not gonna get all the benefit from that. 

In our society, you know, you have stress driving in the car, you know, go to the office, you have stress.


Mark Divine 15:04

A lot of time pressure, stress.


Dr. Christian Issels 15:06

The quality of life is so different now. It’s really funny. I lived in Fiji for a year before I got started in medicine. And I remember going from Fiji flying to Maui. In Maui, I thought to myself, my God, this place is stressful. How can people live here? Because the level of stress there, there it was, I mean, when you think about Maui, you think this is lax you know I’m really enjoying myself here. But I thought, Man, that was stressful. All the traffic and all that stuff in Maui was just like,

how can people do that?


Mark Divine 15:35

That’s pretty funny. I can see that I’ve been to Maui a number of times.


Dr. Christian Issels 15:39

That’s the price that’s like wow!


Mark Divine 15:40

I know and all that stress elevates the cortisol which then makes sleep hard and so it’s a vicious cycle right you’re gonna excess cortisol.


Dr. Christian Issels 15:46



Mark Divine 15:46

And then you can’t sleep, which then you don’t have the energy to exercise and then you’re making poor nutritional choices. It’s kind of this downward spiral. So you say it takes about five years for major cancer or some sort of symptoms to show up generally?


Dr. Christian Issels  15:59  

Depending on your genetics to mean some people have more weaknesses and the easier broke down than other people, some people have you will have a lot of reserves, some people have none. You know, you look at the family history of the patient. And if there’s a lot of issues of cancer in the family for them to get faster occurrence much higher than the person who has less cancer in the family. And that’s just again part of what you born with. I mean, that’s the luck of the draw. Another thing people don’t think about is that sugar you know carbohydrates probably the biggest stress stress on your life because what happens is you know, eat when you take eat a banana, for example, if it’s unopposed with any type of fat or some type of fiber, you know, you know, so when it goes it goes in your bloodstream, it spiky sugar, it really you know uses the insulin up, the sugar drops rapidly. What is this, oh my god, so, oh my god, low blood sugar, it goes to the imbalance, okay, good for the cortisol to go to the liver to produce glucose. And then you have to stressfactor, and that’s why people when they have this lunch, to say they can only count very tired and fall asleep. Because of that drop off, you know, a cortisol after the effect. And if you do that five times a day, or you know, you snack whatever, and then you get then you running from the tiger, driving the car, having family issues having job issues, I mean, the adrenals are shot. You know, so they suddenly, they’re no longer able to actually go help you, you know, because you need adrenal function, they actually have an immune function.


Mark Divine  17:17  

I mentioned, I’d like to come back to the issue of vaccines and EMF let’s, let’s click on EMF first, I think a lot of people are in denial, and I would almost include myself in this category for how electromagnetic frequencies negatively affect us. So can you talk us through that? And also, is there any truth to the whole, you know, 5G kind of scare?


Dr. Christian Issels  17:39  

Anything that changes, you know, the flow of electrons for the cells, it will affect their function. I mean, I’m not gonna say saying it’s causing cancer, but again, it’s going to affect how the body functions, because any change of you know, phenom magnets, you know, people talk about magnets for treating disease factors, people do magnet therapy and feel a lot better. EMF is very similar to that the, you know, the, you know, you’re bombarded by frequencies, which will, you know, resonate with different bonds between atoms, different molecules will affect downstream and how that molecule is going to be used in the body to do some type of process. And if that energetic field is not proper, that process will, you know, will degrade. And if you do that many, many times over. I mean, some people have EMF allergies to go into the one area of the room and they have EMF and they don’t function correctly. The brain doesn’t function, right. And then you go to a place where they have those blockers and they are fine, they have no symptoms. So yeah, I think it’s real. I mean, again, people that you again, it’s like genetics, again, some people are more sensitive. I think I’m not because it doesn’t affect me that badly, but I try to avoid it as much as I can. 


Mark Divine  18:42  

What do you recommend people do to mitigate the effects of EMF?


Dr. Christian Issels  18:46  

Well, I would definitely not have my cell phone in the bedroom. I would not have a TV in my bedroom. I would not have a Wi Fi router near my bedroom.


Mark Divine 18:49



Dr. Christian Issels 18:50

I would not have a TV in my bedroom. I would not have a Wi Fi router near my bedroom.


Mark Divine  18:54  

How far like proximity wise, like how far away are you safe from the emitter?


Dr. Christian Issels 19:00

15 feet minimum.


Mark Divine 19:01

And do walls block the?


Dr. Christian Issels  19:01  

The beds on the wall, you know I live in Vegas now. And if you go to certain casinos, I mean that Wi Fi doesn’t work, you know, because of the watt specifics. So basically, you know, those watts will protect you from it. But again, you don’t want that in your room, if you just turn it over, you could asleep, turn the phone off, there’s nothing coming in and you’re gonna see it look a lot better as well.


Mark Divine  19:19  

Is putting the phone on airplane mode cutting the EMF off or not? 


Dr. Christian Issels  19:23  

Well, it’s not really because basically it is slowling, but it’s not gonna not gonna focus it though. You know, right now what happens is the phone as a receiver, because it takes the information in the air and puts it into one spot. It should be okay. But I would, I’d rather, I would take the phone away. I will take the phone out of the room and I go to bed. My phone is on the kitchen table.


Mark Divine  19:40  

And you’re talking about just the sleep hours. It’s you know, those things mean you’re bombarded throughout the day especially in your offices with all the electronic gizmos and gadgets.


Dr. Christian Issels  19:49  

That’s why they do use FaceTime you know, so you can actually just have the loudspeaker so it’s not near your head. And a lot of people put the phone right against you know inside chest pocket, it’s right over their heart and that’s  going to affect, you know, it will affect some of the heart function as well. If you have heart issues, you know, because it’s going to change the EMF is going to change, you know, the the field of the cell. That’s the big issue. It’s changing the field, how the cell energy is conducted. And again, if you have an imbalance of energy conducting that’s disease. Some are more cell resistant, some of it is a bit of genetics and when people doubt, so it’s a really tough one, I don’t see how you can really avoid getting bombarded by Wi Fi or cell phone signals. And 5G is more potent. The idea was that COVID was part of 5g. I mean, it was which, I never believed that. 


Mark Divine  20:33  

Yeah, I heard that too. And that’s kind of that’s a little bit far out there. But yeah, there’s a lot of fear that 5G is causing people to get sick, because there’s, you know, some evidence of some spikes and illnesses when they roll out 5G in certain cities.


Dr. Christian Issels  20:47  

I mean, they have the whole thing about the vaccine having, you know, having some type of micro particles, which are, which will resonate with 5G, the certain frequency on, do some damage to the body? I’m not sure. I mean, I said some of those things on Twitter and I think It’s unlikely.


Mark Divine  21:02  

Yeah, I agree with that. Conspiracy theory aside, and everything also with regard to vaccines. What’s your take on vaccines in terms of toxicity? And, you know, I know they have some benefit, and there’s probably populations, you know, like myself, who didn’t, didn’t really need it. I mean, it was crazy. And I know everyone’s got opinions on it in the last two years, what’s going on with COVID vaccine? But what’s your take on if you got the vaccine? How do you detoxify from it? And is what are the risk factors?


Dr. Christian Issels  21:27  

The vaccine set, okay to use would be the ones that actually have to pathogens inside, and they just killed it off. They’ll be injected without, we don’t need for any additional…


Mark Divine  21:37  

So, with COVID, wasn’t the, Johnson and Johnson, was that way, wasn’t it? 


Dr. Christian Issels 21:41

Yeah, it was, it was that way. And that would have been only one I would have taken.


Mark Divine 21:44

I took that one just because my clients kind of demanded it. I didn’t trust the MRNA.


Dr. Christian Issels  21:48  

And that’s probably the safest one you could take. Because the problem of messenger RNA is basically it is it makes you a GMO human being because it does change the DNA, your genetics. So, suddenly, now you have a foreign protein floating around in your body which can cause many different things.


Mark Divine  22:03  

I have a question on this, because I agree with that. And if someone’s listening, you want to call me crazy fine. But I have a number of friends who literally just completely healthy than suddenly died of a heart attack after the vaccine. And we also have a number of friends who all of a sudden came out with cancer and they died within like three months. 


Dr. Christian Issels 22:21

Yeah, I know. I’ve seen it. 


Mark Divine 22:22

That’s anecdotal evidence, but it’s pretty solid evidence to me that there was something going on. And like you said, it’s like that mRNA compromised immune systems pretty badly. And all cause deaths are up over 4%, close to 5%. And yet, you know, everyone’s ignoring it. The mainstream media is ignoring it, the administration is ignoring it. And it seems like a lot of doctors are ignoring it. What’s up, what’s going on? 


Dr. Christian Issels  22:44  

Well it seems real quick, what I believe is the reason you know, people get the type of cancer is the reason they have the heart attacks, they have the neurological disease, and you know issues with nerve function, again, what happens is the spike protein is inflammatory, it has a tendency to travel throughout the body and the lexical, where do you have a lot of a lot of fatty tissue, so it’s gonna go into the brain, it’s gonna go to the ovary, it’s gonna go to the testes. And also, it’s gonna go into the blood vessels in there, you know, and what happens is they can implant in the blood vessels in the spiky sticking out. And if anything, stick out in the blood vessels, they can cause clots clot formation, and if you have plenty of those, you can form a big clot, you can have a problem with that. 

Second part is because it takes the immune system and hijacks it for a period of, you know, 5-6-7-10-12-15 weeks to just be focused on making antibodies, cancer spike protein. Again, so now all that focus is to fight just that one area of the body. So it’s gonna take the focus away from the immune system to go any other place. And if you have any type of cancer cells present in that timeframe, which are active, those cells have no problem they’re not going to surveiled right, they’re not gonna be addressed. And so they can grow. And if you do that, if you have that at six months of it, eight months of that, with all the boosters, of course, you can have a massive growth, you know, tumors in that timeframe. You know, you can look at what it’s listed. It’s so it’s also supposed to make antibodies against COVID. But it will affect other parts, you know, because the machinery is actually now moved away from protecting other parts. You know it’s like looking at armed services, right, you got the Navy, got the Army, and you got the Air Force, they do have certain jobs to do? Now you take one of those armed services, and you just make them focus on one thing, you just focus on one part of the world and be damn what’s going on the other parts of the world, what’s going to happen to the planet, you’re gonna have a lot of unrest. And the same type of thing is happening to the human body in that kind of process. 

And the question of getting rid of or getting rid of this spike would mean a couple things to take a look at this looking at D-dimers, look at how much inflammation is present if there’s a lot of microclots, that number aside, I believe you can take what I call protein asis, like nattokinase, you know, some periodic enzymes take those number one that break down protein, you know the clotting proteins and things like to have the most breakdown some of the spike protein.

I would also look at, you know, you have to repair functionings. Basically, when you have a plantation of inflammation, it’s some organ system, the organs gonna struggle. And that’s where you have the idea of long COVID. Basically, the body’s just be inflamed too long, it’s damaged tissue, and it doesn’t have the ability to heal, because it’s no one the system is out of balance. So the idea would be number one to, you know, address those organs. For example, if you have issues with blood clotting, you would probably give something to help bone marrow functions. If you have something like it’s affects brain function or nerves, liver function, you do something to support the nerves. That were stem cells would come in, you know, because basically, those stem cells will be able to support themselves and let things go back to normal again, we need to get rid of the offender, which is the spike protein.


Mark Divine  25:44  

Do you do this type of work at your clinics?


Dr. Christian Issels  25:46  

I’m mostly doing cancer, because that’s, you know, what I’m known for. But I’ve treated a few people with long COVID, and they’ve done pretty well with that, again it’s basically, you know, again, talking about system, you know, work with systems, make sure the systems are functioning and supporting them. You know, some have done really well, and some of them not so well. And again, the ones who have not done so well, usually aren’t compliant.


Mark Divine  26:06  

Yeah, you gotta be a willing participant in your own recovery, that’s for sure. 


Dr. Christian Issels  26:09  

Correct, and you need to be now you need to need to be single minded to, you know, do the work. You know, it’s a fight for your life, basically, you’re fighting for your life. And if you’re not willing to do anything to stay alive, you probably won’t.


Mark Divine  26:21  

What role does intravenous vitamins, you know, play in your recovery, for immunotherapy?


Dr. Christian Issels  26:28  

You know, they have to be absorbed. The problem a lot of people out there not absorbing properly, the digestive system is is compromised. So if you do an IV, you can, you can actually step over that compromised situation and get it right where it needs to go. So that’s why it’s very benefit, you know, I just found Vitamin C’s very strong to cancer. But to go you gotta go really, really high. You gotta go to 85-100 grams per IV, and you’re doing a lot, it’s a natural chemotherapy agent, somebody has to do a lot, a lot of the treatment again, eat or to do other things as well, you need to get to get rid of the causes too. You know, and that’s part of it too, you know, but again, vitamin C by itself will not be necessarily activate the immune system, it’s just going to attack some cancer cells, but it will not activate the immune system per se. That’s why we do the cell therapies. That’s why we use the T cells, natural killer cells, and the, T-cells, killer cells, and dendritic cells use those cells to jumpstart their immune system get focused.


Mark Divine  27:21  

Is the T cells and all that, um, I forget the name of that type of therapy, it escapes me right now. But is that all legal now in the United States?


Dr. Christian Issels  27:29  

Not legal, that is why we do it in Mexico, you know, it’s legal for some of the sorts are legal, I mean you have CAR-T, which is very similar. But it’s has a lot of side effects, you know which T don’t, because we do, what we do with our cells to get naturally activated. And you don’t actually force activity like you do in CAR-T, you actually force activate the cells to do a certain thing. And so that’s why they have more side effects. Everything we’re trying to do is we try to use the body’s own ability to heal itself, and just give it the systems MME give it, you know take the cells, if your cells, reject this, your cell is coming back. So basically, we just assisting you own tissue to fight the disease, fight the cancer.


Mark Divine  28:06  

There has to be your T cells. You can’t you know?


Dr. Christian Issels  28:08  

Yeah, I don’t, you know, I don’t like, you can’t do stem cells in cancer patients, you can’t do it, because I believe the environment plays a huge role, the environment controls what cells do. And if you take stem cells, there are cells, which are be able to have to be told what to do, right? And if the virus cells like epigenetics,you know what that is, right?


Mark Divine  28:25  

Yeah, turning the gene expression on or off.


Dr. Christian Issels  28:28  

So when you inject stem cells into a toxic environment, they will not do the thing, what is supposed to be doing? And that’s why I don’t use stem cells in cancer patients. I mean, use animal stem cells in cancer patients, but not human stem cells, because the animal stem cells that you know, they’re not going to be changed by the human environment. We’ve seen it, they come from a different environment. Totally. So it’s different.


Mark Divine  28:49  

For those who are healthy because most of the people who’ve listened to Mark, my show are peak performers and are pretty healthy, but you know, they want to be like, okay, let me avoid at all costs cancer, supplementation is is very interesting to people, but it’s confusing. And I recognize that we’re not getting the nutrition that we used to get from our foods. So like I’m a proponent of supplementation, but you know, what are we thinking about in terms of cancer like an immune system strength, vitamin C, you mentioned already.


Dr. Christian Issels  29:15  

You know the big ones are vitamin C. Zinc is very important. Well, we know D3, Vitamin K, IP6 is a good product to take.


Mark Divine  29:23  

What is that IP6?


Dr. Christian Issels  29:25  

It’s a compound it’s IP6, the six species comes from mushrooms, they just you know, to break down the mushrooms. Basically, take mushrooms, I think it’s great all this mushroom, they just take the laboratory and just take IP6 out and give us a supplement. I mean, I prefer whole mushrooms. If you can use those, and their better. You know, the big thing is you know reduce the toxic load. I mean doing everything you can do to help you liver function properly. Reduce sugar, you have good vitamins, B complex is important, hydration, like I said before, it’s very important. Diet of course, it’s very important. Most of that food most of the nutrition you should get from your diet anyway, and the supplements just would be just, you know, adding to, it’d be supportive.


Mark Divine  30:04  

That’s why we call it a supplement. It’s to supplement your diet, not to replace it.


Dr. Christian Issels  30:08  

Yeah, you kind of, you know it is important to know, even if you’re healthy, there are some things which you might be lacking, but you need to know what they are. You know, I mean, zinc is always good, Vitamin C is good. Vitamin K is important. You know, these are important things, but then other things other other components that you may or may need not need. And that’s nice to know if you need those. Obviously, you don’t want to over do those things either because, you know, minerals can do bad things. So for example, too much calcium is bad news. Too much calcium can be toxic. If you think about this, if you look at any type of cancer on the scan, you have microcalcifications visible, that’s why you see Breast Cancer, you know, on a mammogram, is you know too much calcium there. You know you don’t overload the system. And so you need to know exactly, you have the staples, which we just talked about, you know, I vitamin C to Z, vitamin D3, vitamin K, and then you need the other things you kind of have to see what do you need, which are necessary, and they may not be necessary. You might get everything from enough from your diet you need but you need to know you need to actually assess that by how does the person feel? Are they you know, are they pretty energetic? Or how do they sleep? How did bowel movements? The things like that.


Mark Divine  31:13  

I’m bullish because of you know, now that we have genetics testing and you know, artificial intelligence coming online. So there’s companies like Tony Robbins lifeforce, and Peter Diamandis, Tony Robbins band, lifeforce, and also Wild Health. So I actually signed up for Wild Health, and they do a genetics test. And then they do, obviously, your blood panel, and they do your whole intake, and they do a biome check. And then, and then they come back and say, Okay, here’s what you’re missing from a supplementation standpoint, here’s some risk factors based on your genetics, and then they test you every quarter. And they’ll recommend some diet or exercise, you know, it’s fairly comprehensive, and somewhat personalized. So I think that’s a huge leap forward. And it costs a little bit of money. So it’s not accessible to everybody. It’s not too bad. I think it’s like 300 bucks a month, but that’s on top of health insurance and everything, a lot of people wouldn’t be able to afford that. But anyways…


Dr. Christian Issels  32:01  

I mean, if you look in Germany, when you have patients come in, let’s see, you know actual doctors, you know, I mean, the amount of supplements they have to they are taking is amazing. I mean, the money to spend on supplements per month, you know, it’s 500 bucks or more, and lot of the supplements may or may not be necessary. It’s like, it’s what I call green allopathy, you know, basically using natural products like we did before with normal medicines, like just bridging symptoms, instead of looking, why is that present? Why is that occurring right now? That’s why functional medicine, in some cases, I think I call it was like green allopathy, we’re still using supplements to do the same as they did before with medicines, or you know, the vitamins or the or the herbs or whatever, they are not going to be as toxic, which is true, but it’s still not not addressing, I mean, if you have to be on supplements, which are $500 a month for the rest of your life, I mean, that’s, you’re not solving the problem. I mean, your body’s not going back to normal function, otherwise, they would be off the supplements, so it doesn’t fix the issue. So I mean, our goal as a physician, my understanding, is basically get the body back into functionality, and then you’d be you’d be done needing the stuff. And then if you still need certain things, you should be a few things should not be, you know, 20 different items. You know, like the take five this morning and then 20 in the afternoon and 30 at night.


Mark Divine  33:17  

It’s like they’re biohackers and the longevity craze like some people that I know in the in that kind of field are taking hundreds supplements a day.


Dr. Christian Issels  33:25  

You know, you have X amount of transporters, you’ve, right. And it’s like a freeway, right, you have so many so many exits, obviously, you have to, you know, the exits as capacity, whatever it goes, you know, if it’s still out there, it’s gonna go right past that exit, and go out, you know where it goes. So you don’t know, you need to know, how much can you body reabsorb, and then what you know, not over treat I mean, over treating is status, or not treating at all?


Mark Divine  33:49  

Yeah, less his more just take the right things. That’s another reason why, you know, I think it’s important to have an expert like you or like this, you know, for me, it was Wild Health say, because when they came back, they only recommended like two different supplements. And of course, they have their company that they they partner with and everything but I was surprised because I thought they were gonna try to sell me on a bunch of stuff. And they’re like, you don’t need it, you know, you’re pretty healthy across all these things. But you could use a little bit of more this, and one of them was just fish oil, right, which I thought was pretty reasonable. The other was something like thiome. So less is more there. I agree with that. Is there anything we haven’t covered in terms of immunotherapy, strengthening the immune system? Yeah, we’ve talked a lot a lot of lifestyle factors.


Dr. Christian Issels  34:29  

There’s a confusion with immunotherapy, you know, there are more than one type of immunotherapy out there. I mean, there are immunotherapies, which are like using things like where they actually use chemicals to activate the immune system without focusing on you know, it’s like the shotgun approach and you look you just shoot it out and you hope it hits the right target. That’s the ones which will actually cause autoimmune disease and there’s the immunotherapy which is non toxic, it’s the one we use, it’s focused. So basically it takes the engines which are in your bloodstream of the cancer. And you actually just means I said, go to, to their job to address it. So that’s the difference. And that’s why I like it. Because number one, it’s and again, it’s using your own tissue, you own body to fight the disease properly. You just assisting it by activating it. And then of course, like I said, you have to address the underlying cause as well.


Mark Divine  35:15  

Your clinic, is it called Issel Clinic or what’s it called?


Dr. Christian Issels  35:19  

Yeah, it’s actually Issels treatment. That’s what it is. That’s mean, we have a clinic in Mexico, and they do our protocol, you know, it’s a 12 day program, where we actually take you know, the patient comes in and, you know, meet, you know, the work up, do the blood draw the second day, but for the cells, and while they wait for the cells to be grown out, the use in IV therapies like vitamin C, creatine, glutathione, or things like that, to build up, support the bone marrow, you know, do some ozone, some leotrill, takes nine days, and then day 11, and day 12, you get cells back injected into you, and then you go home. And then after, then after that we do what I call the workup of the underlying cause, because in cancer, it’s important not to waste time is you don’t want this to grow. That’s why you will be knocking out right away aggressively as soon as you can, and then address the reason why it developed because that’s gonna take some time. For example, if it’s a viral infection, it’s gonna take at least a couple of months to get rid of the virus, if it’s related to some kind of toxicity level, in the tissues, it’s gonna take a while to detoxify that safely. Because you don’t want the body going into detox reaction, like it’s Herxheimer reactions, you know what that is? Herxheimer reaction, I’m sure you’ve heard that?


Mark Divine 36:29



Dr. Christian Issels 36:29

Basically, when people they take a medication, and they have like a really bad, like get the shakes or fever, they’re Herxing. And that means it’s over. It’s an over treatment.


Mark Divine 36:38



Dr. Christian Issels 36:38

Basically, you put the body into stress, and, you know, you might medical school have been, you know, this doesn’t mean you have Herxheimer reaction, people are either at the point where you’re going to recover, what are you gonna go to the other side and pass away. These are basically that gives the body a chance to, you know, make a decision, I’m wanna stay or I want to go, you know, want to put the body into that position. So that’s why I’m really much I don’t like Herxing patients either. So you don’t want them to treat. That’s a really important part. So you didn’t have to make sure you take care of it. You know, it’s for the patients thoroughly, you don’t over treat, people overreact to treatments, and you don’t want to do that.


Mark Divine  37:10 

What’s your success rate? Like, do you track that? 


Dr. Christian Issels  37:13  

Depending on the on the case, you know, that’s a study now, if I teach well, I would say 100% Almost means 100%, of course, but I’m close to that. Stage 4, depending on you know, what organism wealth, I feel we probably do 25% or better, you know, but it’s stage 4. And nothing, you know, again, depends. Is the patient compliant, you know, and again can continue the protocol when they get home. You know, that’s important, you know, again, you know, that’s why I said before, they won’t have a one check cure for cancer, because it’s too complex, I can have the same diagnosis, eight patients, my patients, and each one of us will be different. And you know, they will respond to the cell therapy. But then the other part, the other part of the equation is the underlying causes that don’t get to those, then whatever, the first therapy, you know, it’s not gonna work long term. If you look at most studies, and he talks about survival, they talking 10-12-13 months, in a sense, if you’re diagnosed, and you live in a huge chemotherapy, and you’re you live 12 additional months, this is success for the therapy is to give you 12 months, which, you know, since you know, that’s good, but 12 months is not long, a lot of time. And the quality of life is terrible too, which in our case, you know, we don’t have you know, people have a great quality of life because there’s no side effects.


Mark Divine  38:26  

So where can people find information online about your about the clinic?


Dr. Christian Issels  38:30  

Issels.com, so it’s I-s-s-e-l-s.com. 


Mark Divine 38:36



Dr. Christian Issels 38:37

And I’m also on Twitter. It’s Dr. Big D, r-i-s-s-e-l-s, Dr. Issels that’s on Twitter, so you can find me there.


Mark Divine  38:49  

Thank you so much for your time today. Dr. Issels. That was fascinating. And we’ll put that information up on the on the website too. And yeah, appreciate you. Keep doing what your doing.


Dr. Christian Issels  38:58  

Well, thank you so much. Thanks for having me.


Mark Divine  39:00  

Well, that’s a fascinating discussion with Dr. Christian Issels. Thank you so much sir for joining me. I love the conversation about EMF and about supplementation and even about how to detox from vaccines and why people are getting so sick from the COVID vaccines and MNRA important stuff. So thank you again shownotes are up on our website at MarkDivine.com. Our YouTube is at our YouTube channel and on X-Twitter you can reach me at Mark Divine and on Instagram and or Facebook at real Mark Divine. If you’re not on my newsletter distribution list, consider subscribing at MarkDivine.com. Divine Inspiration comes out every Tuesday, where I have a blog, show notes from the podcast for the week, a book I’m reading, and other interesting things that come across my desk including a weekly practice, check it out. You’re gonna love it and sign up and subscribe and share it with your friends. 

Thanks so much to Catherine Divine and Geoff Haskell and Jason Sanderson who helped produce the show in the newsletter and bring you guests like Dr. Issels every week. And thank you for being part of the solution in the world instead of part of the problem, that means being the change you want to see. We’re going to try to do that at scale here by paying it forward and training others to be courageous and positive and whole. So appreciate you being part of that journey and share this show with your friends. And if you want to get into training with us go to Unbeatable Mind to check it out. We have an incredible 30 day challenges go to Unbeatable Mind/challenge.com. Until next time, this is your host, Mark Divine, Hooyah, Divine uot.

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