Embracing Physical Transformation

“If you can visualize it, if you can dream it, there’s some way to do it.”-Walt Disney 

Lately, I have been returning back to the basics of my physical training and set a new intention for my daily workout for the first time in years. My new gut-check mantra is, Harness the power within, be unstoppable and uncommon.” This week I want to revisit the power of physical transformation and why it is so important in our lives.

For me, physical fitness is more than just a pursuit of a chiseled physique; it is the gateway to unlocking my inherent gifts and talents. My belief in everyone’s ability to access unimaginable potential is at the core of all my programs. If you have joined me at a SEALFIT or Unbeatable Mind training, you have heard why and had the experience of how mindset and physicality bare intertwined. I love challenging myself with rigorous exercise. Crucibles have always been at the forefront of my life; the ones I consciously engage in, and the ones life delivers at my door.

In our SEALFIT Kokoro crucible this month, we had a participant attempting to graduate for the fifth time. The Kokoro crucible demands the very best of anyone who signs up. It is, after all, a simulation of Navy SEAL Hell Week, the hardest training on the planet. Imagine this man tried to conquer the Kokoro crucible not once, not twice, but five times. He faced the grueling test head-on for the first four attempts, only to fall short. Yet, despite the setbacks, he refused to yield. Instead, he embodied the essence of perseverance and resilience. This man’s unwavering dedication to achieving his goal ultimately led to triumph and graduation. Congratulations Bland, Hooyah!

Bland showcased the power of relentless persistence and the immense growth of embracing failure with unwavering commitment. His success would not have been possible if he had given up. His ability to stay the course led to a powerful transformation. He succeeded because he learned to listen to his body, get the support where he needed it, and train accordingly. He fed the courageous wolf inside and persevered. 

Hearing your body’s needs as you change is essential for health and longevity. It is also critical to decipher between the voices of the courage versus the fear wolf. The fear wolf leads us to bad habits and indulging in cravings. It wants to hold you back! The courage wolf wants your best! It tells you to get up that hour earlier and eat the salad when you want the fries. Our bodies are an aspect of our mind, and listening to its wisdom provides vital information; tuning into the body’s voice is known as somatic awareness.  

Recently somatic science has been gaining traction in the medical and psychological fields. The body’s intelligence and interpretations always point toward the best outcome when it comes to health. The lifelong endeavor of physical transformation involves listening and taking action daily. Although we can’t control the external world and what it throws at us, we can train ourselves to be resilient, embodied, and uncommon. This is why I love the image of climbing a mountain. When climbing a mountain, there is always a starting point on the path; when we reach the top, there is always another mountain to ascend. 

When one goal is accomplished, it creates space for the next. Every time I have set my mind to doing something, despite the difficulty, there has always been a sense of evolution and reward when I reach that goal. And because I have a thirst for experiencing the variety that this one precious life has to offer, I get stoked every time I get to set a new goal.

Being a Navy SEAL often gives the illusion that physical challenges come easy to those already strong, trained, and know how to embrace the suck. That is simply untrue. I live and die by the ethos that “The only easy day was yesterday.” I will train my body to stay SEALFIT until my last breath. Embracing the suck is a daily practice like anything you want mastery over. Setting micro goals to reach the macro goal has proven effective and makes “the suck” more agreeable. Like a horse chomping at the bit, we can easily get caught up in the end goal and overlook the importance of celebrating the small wins and progress made along the way. If you have a deep desire to transform your physical body, hit a lifelong dream goal, or are currently in a period of mediocracy…Take a breath, get up, get going, and honor yourself each step of the way.

A positive mindset aligned with action is crucial for long-term success. Choose your attitude and training, or life will choose it for you. We are continuously transforming regardless of if we are awake to it or not. Allow gratitude and focus to ignite your metamorphosis and drive you forward. Intentionality is fundamental to the warrior’s path. Warriors are wired to be intentional, focused, and consistent in their physical training to prepare for the unknown. Whether you are in the military, boardroom, or living room, the warrior archetype resides within you. Set some time aside and gauge one big dream or goal that you think is impossible and allow yourself the possibility of making it/them come true. Have fun getting after it this week, and remember to dream big, stay in a service mindset, and celebrate the small wins!

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