Back to BOO!

Did you know that our behaviors can be detected in our body language and our everyday dialogue with those in… Continue reading Back to BOO!

BOO: Finding Your Competing Commitments

This week we are looking at the default mode network that keeps bad memories on hand and is ready to… Continue reading BOO: Finding Your Competing Commitments

Rewrite Your Story

This week I want you to dive into writing the script of your new story and future. Remember, no matter… Continue reading Rewrite Your Story

Irrational Fear and Behavioral Loops

This week let’s look ‘under the hood’ of irrational fear and our behavioral patterns. Because our default mode network slants… Continue reading Irrational Fear and Behavioral Loops

Real Fear Vs. Irrational Fear

When I was seventeen, I went hiking in the Adirondacks with my friend, Wynn. He and I decided to go… Continue reading Real Fear Vs. Irrational Fear

The Tale of Two Wolves

Cherokee culture believes and tells the tale of two wolves and how they reside in us all. For those of… Continue reading The Tale of Two Wolves

Feed Courage

In 1975, Lee Elder became the first African American to play in the Masters Tournament. And that was just the… Continue reading Feed Courage

The Power of Emotions

Emotions are often uncomfortable to confront. Thing is, when we don’t acknowledge them, they can gain power over us. We… Continue reading The Power of Emotions

Envision Your Future

African business man is meditating on green grass in the park

Many people make the common mistake of building a fantasy in their mind of what they think they want. Uncommon… Continue reading Envision Your Future

Speak To Yourself Kindly

It’s not enough to visualize something to truly believe it. Our biases, our subconscious programming, our BOO can interfere with… Continue reading Speak To Yourself Kindly