Nov 4
November 4, 2019

Your Five Mountains

Most people have a distorted view of their own development.  They pretend to be way more squared away than they actually are. Some are fit, but emotionally weak. Others are intellectually strong in an academic sense, but physically weak. Then others are accomplished, even wealthy, but lack connection to others or a higher power so they wield their perceived power over others.

To become integrated means that we are physically strong, mentally sharp, emotionally and morally mature, intuitively aware, and spiritually grounded. This wholeness allows you to move beyond limiting ego stories and win that battle over your mind.

When integrated you also become more connected, developing great care and concern for all humans and the planet. Separation from self and others comes to an end. This may sound as if it can only be achieved by enlightened beings. Not so. It is our birthright, and, as I alluded to earlier, I consider it an imperative for survival.

To be uncommon means to take total responsibility for your integrated development. The five areas you will want to dial in are what I have referred to as the five mountains in Unbeatable Mind. These comprise the developmental terrain you will travel daily in your process of transformation.  Here is a quick overview of the five mountains:

Physical Mountain

It’s easiest to start your growth training with your physical self. There, you can see progress easily, and you likely already have familiarity with aspects of effective fitness, nutrition, sleep and movement. Where your body leads, the mind follows. So a fit, healthy and balanced body will lead to a fit, healthy and balanced mind.

Regardless of your physical talents, or your self-concept story of your physical capabilities, everyone can take immediate steps to improve the health and balance of the body through effective fitness, nutrition, sleep and movement. Climbing the physical mountain will get your physical structure to be healthier and more resilient. Physical fitness development, improving your range of motion, eradicating dysfunctional motion and getting sleeping and eating patterns dialed in, will do more than just improve your physical health. It will lead to a greater sense of mental clarity and confidence.

 Mental Mountain

Traversing the mental mountain is far more than engaging in traditional education. It’s becoming a lifelong learner and developing whole mind thinking. Proper exercise, sleep and nutrition of the 1st mountain’s development will exert a neuroplastic effect on your brain, increasing mental clarity and confidence. Then, activating the focus, concentration, witnessing and meditation process. I will describe in detail in future posts how to develop the mental mountain to achieve the next level. You will examine areas where you want to improve, ruts to get out of, and things to learn.

For example, you can develop a plan to improve your reading, creative expression, drawing, artistic skill, grasp of a new language or any other skill for that matter. You can work on your mental mountain through breath practices, imagery, concentration, insight and memory improvement.

Emotional Mountain

Once you acquire skills to improve your focus, concentration and witnessing of the 2nd Mountain, you will see that many of the things holding you back are emotional “shadow” —baggage from the past. That is what I call “Background of Obviousness,” or BOO. Much more on this later.

Developing emotional awareness will uncover what emotions drive your behavior, positive or negative. You’ll be able to identify the roots of negative behaviors and transmute them into positive emotions. On the emotional mountain path you’ll also learn to eradicate fear and stress, and to connect with others at a deeper level. You’ll use tools like recapitulation to rewire the stories of your past. This is difficult work, but if you start now, you’ll be way ahead of the game because others choose not to act with the power they have to change.

Intuitional Mountain

Traversing up the next mountain requires that you learn the language of intuition. The signals of your intuitive intelligence get drowned out when you haven’t climbed physical, mental and emotional mountains. But when those get refined, you can begin to pay attention to the subtle signals of the intuitional mountain.

Developing your intuitional mountain brings focus to the belly and heart as part of your whole mind system. These brain side-cars provide vast information to your consciousness and subconscious mind. Although the science behind the heart, mind, and enteric nervous system is still young as of this writing, the time is now to learn how to tap into and trust their wisdom.

To develop intuition, your mind and body must learn to be still, not bouncing around like a Ping-Pong ball. That work prepares you for the final climb.

Kokoro Mountain

Heart and mind integrated into purpose driven action. Ascending the final mountain is about applying everything you’re learning about yourself, and integrating all of the developmental aspects of each mountain into your life. This path has your lock onto and live your purpose, stand your ground, and commit deeply to master yourself daily. To travel this last mountain, you have to get really clear about who you are, at your deepest core. What are you really passionate about? What principles will guide your decisions, and ensure you stand your ground? What is your calling, or purpose in this life?

Unlock Your Total Potential

Total integration results from connecting and developing all five mountains together. It is a developmental path of waking to your true reality, growing into your full capacity, clearing your past emotional baggage, opening your intuitive and creative genius, and showing up 100% responsible and committed to your calling. Integration also accelerates you to an inclusive and expansive worldview. As you become more grounded and peaceful, you naturally promote peace to the world.

Making a fair assessment of your own development is an important starting point. Humility is important as you approach this work. You will have gaps, no matter how impressive you think you are. Yet, everyone has unlimited potential. A disciplined, daily practice, met with humility and humor, will quickly see you on your way to being uncommon.

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