U.S. Navy SEALs are America’s toughest warriors.

The training to become a SEAL is grueling. Less than 15% make it through the 9-month selection process called Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL training (BUD/S), an unparalleled test of physical stamina, mental toughness and emotional resilience.

Ensign Mark Divine not only made it through BUD/S, at 26 he graduated as the Honor Man (#1-ranked) of class 170. Perhaps even more striking was that his entire original boat crew graduated with him that day. The odds of that happening by chance are literally one in a million.

That was no accident.

It was the first of many elite teams that Mark Divine built.

Mark with SEAL Team Three Alpha platoon on the deck of USS Dubuque somewhere in the South Pacific Ocean

Mark served for twenty years —nine active duty and 11 reserves— leading his team on reconnaissance, training and classified missions in 45 different countries throughout Asia and the Middle East. From Mark’s experience leading these elite teams, he developed the SEALFIT and Unbeatable Mind training systems, to provide the physical, mental and emotional tools and coaching that allow not 15%, but 90% of his trainees to lead and succeed in the most demanding training in the world… and in combat. These training systems were so effective that in 2005, Naval Special Warfare Group One hired Mark to run their pre-deployment certification training.

For the same reason, in 2006 the Navy Recruiting Command hired him through his company SEALFIT to create and launch the national Navy SEAL Mentor program for new recruits. This hugely successful initiative helped increase the quality of SEAL candidates and reduced the BUD/S attrition rate by up to five percent.

In 2011, Mark retired as Commander Divine to focus on his family and to bring his unique training perspectives on developing mentally-tough and more-aware leaders and teams to the military and first responders.

Through his innovative SEALFIT and Unbeatable Mind training systems, including the Hell Week simulation Kokoro crucible, Mark now shares the same secrets to entrepreneurs, executives and teams through his books, Navy Seal motivational speaking, an award-winning podcast, and world-renowned leadership and team events.

Mark Divine’s Unbeatable Mind

What makes Mark’s programs so effective is his focus on the whole person – training the physical, mental, emotional, intuitive and spiritual aspects to work together. In his time leading Special Operations Forces missions, he’d seen the power of a deep emotional heart connection. He experienced how his gut’s intuition could save himself and his teammates on more than one occasion. He could see first-hand the importance of merging head, heart and gut into decisions and actions. He also was able to use skills learned through his life-long passion for the martial arts and yoga to tap into a flow state immediately and easily. Mark knew that these skills would be extremely important for future leaders, and that they could and should be trained with them.

While deployed in Iraq, he knew he had to stay resilient and focused in order to succeed in the extreme stress of that environment. Bringing together best practices from Eastern and Western developmental models, he created an integrated training system he now calls Kokoro Yoga™. This breakthrough training kept him in a flow state via a single, simple and powerfully effective personal development system.

Wanting to share his ideas with others, he wrote a series of books about his training methods. The first was Amazon best-seller Unbeatable Mind, the foundational book about Mark’s Five Mountain™ integrated developmental program. Next came the leadership book The Way of the SEAL, a Wall Street Journal Best Seller, then 8 Weeks to SEALFIT, a New York Times Best Seller and then Kokoro Yoga. His upcoming book, Staring Down the Wolf, focuses on developing emotionally aware leaders and teams and is due in bookstores in March of 2020. Pre-order Staring Down the Wolf here.

Mark and his team of Certified Coaches train thousands of individuals and teams from all walks of life. To learn more and book training, visit www.sealfit.com and www.unbeatablemind.com

Unbeatable Mind Podcast & Navy Seal Speaker

In addition to serving as a fitness and mental strength coach, Mark Divine is also a Navy Seal motivational speaker and founder of the Unbeatable Mind podcast.

Since launching in 2016, Mark Divine’s Unbeatable Mind podcast has passed 10 million downloads and has ranked in the Top Ten Podcasts on iTunes. He has made multiple media appearances with major networks such as CNN, HLN, Fox, CBS, ABC, and NBC. He has been a top-rated guest on hundreds of other podcasts, and spoken to top corporate and sports teams including SpaceX, Harvard Medical School, North Western Mutual, Slack, Philadelphia Flyers, Shell Oil, YPO, EO and Scaling Up to help them improve their success rates as a team through leadership and mentality.

Mark is on a mission to inspire 100 million people to join the path and lifestyle of integrated “vertical” development and to become world-centric warriors and leaders. You can see Mark speak here.

The Courage Foundation: Feeding the Courage Wolf

Disturbed with the growing suicide rate amongst his military veteran brothers and sisters, Mark founded the Courage Foundation in 2017.

The Veteran Integration Program brings together cohorts of vets suffering from the debilitating effects of PTSD into a twelve-month healing process, utilizing the training methods of Unbeatable Mind to help. Early results show a 70% rate of success in healing towards post traumatic growth.

The Courage Foundation is seeking individuals and companies to support this important initiative by sponsoring a vet, boat crew (6) or a cohort (12). See www.feedcourage.org for more information.

Our Philosophy

Vision: A healthy, resilient and peaceful global leadership

Purpose: Live and teach my 5 Mountain Philosophy

Mission: Train and/or inspire 100 million world-centric leaders to build elite teams by 2040


Relationship Reminder: Be friendly toward the happy, compassionate to the unhappy, joyful to the virtuous, ignore or deal with the wicked.

Centering Questions: Am I present now? Am I listening authentically? What is good about myself, this situation or this person? What can I learn from this? How can I be better... more loving, connecting, humble, powerful, honorable, humorous, positive?

Passions: Train & practice to develop my true potential and fulfill my purpose. Breathe, meditate, move, learn, read, explore, grow, teach, write, inspire, create, lead, love.


Mantras: Keep Things Simple, Seek the Truth, Love with all my Heart. Feeling Good, Looking Good, Ought to be in Hollywood. Day by Day, in Every Way, Wiser and Better, Hooyah!

Courage Foundation

Coach Divine has made the outrageous commitment to do 100,000 burpees in 2018 and is pledging 10 cents for every burpee to inspire you to join the team.

He needs your help. There is strength in numbers and that is what it is going to take. Let’s make this a massive movement to help veterans.

Everybody counts in the fight against PTS. Every burpee counts. Every pledge counts. It will take our whole community to reach this goal.