Oct 18
October 18, 2018

The Witness

Your witness is beyond your ego’s identification with the past or future. Maybe the word “consciousness” or “conscious awareness” would work as an alternative to “witness”, but I like witness, so let’s go with it. This is the aspect of your mind that knows without knowing how or why. It is not experienced in a rational, linear thinking way, or even as thought at all. It is that part you experience when you’re present, watching, not analyzing, judging or categorizing. When you click into flow, you experience the witness. When you meditate and lose your sense of time, place and ego, you experience the witness —and I don’t mean dozing off! The witness is pure awareness, pure intelligence, pure wisdom, and pure love.

I ask you to begin a relationship with your witness now. You have to trust me that this is the first step in improving the quality of your “thinking mind” and learning to think with your “whole mind.” Connecting to your witness, and allowing that deeper part of your mind to guide your choices, will allow you to direct your attention to the right things, at the right time and for the right reasons.

It is your witness that will zero you in on the BOO stories which keep you from living your unique purpose, and give to the world what it needs from you. Once you shake hands with your witness, you will operate from your core essence, and tap into 20 times more capacity, and then 20 times more again.

You will be able to:

  • Identify weak, limiting beliefs that drive your story and hold you back.
  • Overcome your fear-based internal dialogue and emotional states. You’ll be able to develop courage and confidence, as opposed to false confidence which shows up as cockiness or arrogance.
  • Develop your whole mind by integrating and developing the “five mountains” of physical, mental, emotional, intuitional and heartmind (“kokoro” – more on that later).
  • Cultivate the disciplines to be uncommon… unbeatable.


You need to commit to this work if you want to live an uncommon life. By the end of this process you’ll have everything you need, but no one else can do the work for you. So let’s make a deal that for at least 90 days you will be serious about doing the work I present, and not just feel temporarily inspired.

Please get a journal. Take time to make notes of what you’re learning and do the exercises with seriousness. Write down the stories you tell yourself, the internal self-talk you discover as you process these lessons. Some of them you won’t like or won’t agree with. But you can’t unravel it if you won’t even admit it to yourself.

You need to trust! Trust me, trust this knowledge, and trust the process.

I, _____________________, commit to forging my 20X and uncovering my ethos with the Launch experience. I will share my commitment with a trusted friend, mentor or parent to hold me accountable.

Signature Witness Signature

Note that everyone will read this book in their own way. I’ve seen the most success reading straight through and coming back to re-read each section before digging into the exercises. Get the whole map before getting deep into the trail. All right, now that you have committed, let’s get started with the first exercise.

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