Sep 17
September 17, 2020

Mark’s Weekly Brief: Move towards power

One of my mentors is the late David Hawkins who left us with an incredible collection of his work on human consciousness. In his seminal work, Power vs. Force, Hawkins introduces the idea that we can utilize kinesiology testing to calibrate the truth level of different people, events, and energies. He creates a “consciousness scale” (from 0 (lowest; shame, guilt, anger) to 1,000 (highest; fully evolved, love, Universal Truth) to explain where the different energies fall amongst each other. Courage (calibrating at 200) is the demarcation line where consciousness shifts from force (all energies below 200) to power (all energies above 200).

The more people who are in power (versus force) generates a more positive effect on the world and universe around us. So we want to move towards love (love calibrates at 500). Stay in power. Avoid force. Anytime you feel yourself getting sucked down into those lower negative energies, feed the courage wolf! Courage is the catalyst to move from lower level energies into forgiveness, acceptance, and ultimately towards love. Even a badass can come from a place of love. Hooyah. Stay focused.

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