Jun 6
June 6, 2020

Mark’s Daily Brief: The 3 paths

Theme: Kokoro

Tip: Journal and reflect on how you would like to integrate the three paths in your daily life. Set attainable goals and reevaluate often as you work towards progress.

Three paths to the evolution of your consciousness:

  1. Path of the heart: devotional love for universal consciousness
  2. Path of the mind: use meditative practices to disengage from your thoughts & emotions to connect with your higher witnessing self
  3. Path of action: to do good works and dedicate those works to humanity or something higher than your egoic sense of self

Kokoro: merging heart and mind with action.

Kokoro comes from a Japanese term meaning to merge your heart and mind with your actions and is a continuous process of becoming and improving, as part of your journey of self-mastery. I challenge you to implement these three paths in your daily life in search of higher service and purpose. Be inspired to accelerate your journey. Stay focused 👊

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