Apr 1
April 1, 2020

Mark’s Daily Brief: Start with YOU

Theme: Start with YOU … Lead others by first leading & taking care of yourself. 

Tip: Implement the 6 pillars in your daily life:

  1. Physical movement every day: move your body! Prioritize exercise to set your day for success. 
  2. Nutrition: Fuel yourself properly. Steer clear from sugar, coffee, and alcohol to avoid unnecessary stress on your body. 
  3. Stress reduction: eliminate stressful triggers. Stop indulging in fear-based news and TV. 
  4. Community: be mindful of who you surround yourself with and the positive/negative effects their mindsets/attitudes may be having on you and your tribe.
  5. Nature: Sunlight and fresh air is grounding, get outside if you can – but do so safely and in accordance with the social distancing guidelines. 
  6. Sleep: allow yourself to recover with sleep. Use this quarantine opportunity to assess the amount of sleep you’ve been getting and make a plan to improve it if needed. 

“To live an uncommon life, one needs to learn uncommon disciplines.” — Mark Divine

It is often difficult to prioritize ourselves amidst chaos and crises. However, if we aren’t taking care of our most basic needs and human essentials, then we can never properly take care of and lead our tribe. Recognize the importance of optimizing each of six pillars mentioned above and watch how your actions inspire others around you to do the same. Be uncommon in a common world. Hooyah, Mark 👊


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