Apr 3
April 3, 2020

Mark’s Daily Brief: Pratyahara

Theme: Pratyahara: turning in and decluttering from external distraction

Tip: Begin a silent meditation practice – whether it be box-breathing, walking in nature, or seated/standing silence … start something that challenges you to turn off external noise and distraction in order to gain insight into your true inner wisdom. The key to today’s tip is the word practicesilent meditation is not something that will deliver immediate results overnight, but is rather the starting step on your journey towards discovering your inner voice and wisdom.

“In the beginner’s mind there are infinite possibilities. In the expert’s mind, few.” — Suzuki

Silence is a practice often neglected in today’s modern world. With the pace of news, external distractions, and life responsibilities, we may tend to rush through the day without taking time to be still and silent … easier said than done. Incorporating silence into your day will help you gain clarity on important decisions and allow you to align more closely with your inner calling, especially during challenging and ambiguous times such as today. Things happen for a reason and perhaps the abrupt halt of the modern world is nature’s way of encouraging us all to stop, pause, and be silent for once. 


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