Mar 29
March 29, 2020

Mark’s Daily Brief: Pause, Breathe, Think, Act

Theme: Pause, Breathe, Think, Act.

Tip: Use “PBTA” the next time you encounter a fear-based reaction or event.

Training: (1) Morning Ritual (20 minutes of each: yoga, box-breathing, meditation) and (2) 1 hour of Grinder PT

Practice: Guided Pause, Breathe, Think, Act breathing session. 

Doubt is eliminated from action. But it’s the type of action that is important.” — Mark Divine

Respected leaders all have one thing in common: they remain calm, cool, and collected under stress, This ability is often learned and refined with years of practice, but originates from an important mastery of the breath to allow the mind to make vital split-second decisions when needed. The next time you find yourself in the midst of a crisis or under stress, I encourage you to use that opportunity to practice a momentary pause followed by a deep breath to then allow your mind to think about the most practical action in response. Over time, this will become a habitual act.  


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