May 6
May 6, 2020

Mark’s Daily Brief: Developing competence

Theme: The 7th ‘C’: Competence

Tip: Study and implement the competency model below and apply it to your life today

Model for developing competence:

  1. Prioritize what is important to learn
  2. Seek out competent mentors/teachers to help accelerate your learning
  3. Chunk down your plan into actionable steps (crawl, walk, run … )
  4. Practice witnessing (help increase perspective & daily clarity) 
  5. Declutter & remove commitments that don’t serve you or your future goals
  6. Patience & persistence! (it takes a daily effort to develop competence)

“Diligence leads to competence.” — Jeffrey Benjamin

Competence is the seventh ‘C’ in the 12-part series of unlocking the Unbeatable Mind operating system. In order to develop competency in any area, one must be clear on their future vision and enlist the help of experienced mentors/coaches for guidance along the way. Each ‘C’ in this series builds upon each other. No journey is ever accomplished alone. Stay focused. 

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