May 2
May 2, 2020

Mark’s Daily Brief: Commitment

Theme: The third ‘C’: Commitment

Tip: Commit to self mastery in service for others … and consider how you can make deeper commitments to yourself in the following ‘core’ domains:

  1. Balance – commit to being more disciplined around performance (eating, sleeping, exercise, etc)
  2. Witness – commit to defining a better story you’re telling yourself
  3. Being – commit to alignment (with other perspectives & your calling in life)
  4. Service – commit to understanding who you truly are and what is your life purpose

Journal your thoughts to the three topics mentioned above.

“It’s not your goals that will lead you to success but your commitment to the process.” — Jon Gordon

The third ‘C’ in the 12-part series is commitment. How often have you allowed the excitement of a new endeavor or idea dissipate with time? Today’s message encourages you to think deeply about your core values as they immediately apply to your life and make a strong commitment in each domain to foster vertical character growth. The things you learn and the person you become along the way, through consistent commitment, are often more important than the end goal you started out to achieve. Stay committed. Stay focused. 

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