Jun 12
June 12, 2020

Mark’s Daily Brief: Challenges as tools

Theme: Building your ‘life toolkit’

Tip: Reflect upon what challenges you may be currently facing and consider if you are addressing them head-on or shying away for some reason. If it’s the latter, then spend time to reorient a plan to use this opportunity for growth and development.

Challenge will surface the tool for your transformation. Think about a time when you may have come across different challenges in your life (physical, mental, emotional, intuitional, or spiritual) … If we run away from the challenge, then we miss the ‘tool’ for our transformation. The sum total of the tools we acquire from these challenges are going to be the key to how we evolve to a higher level of consciousness and in turn affect more positive change in the world in the service of humanity. Everyone has a different set of challenges presented to them based upon what they may need to learn. Don’t shy away from the challenges you may be facing. Approach them head-on and make them new ‘tools’ to add to your ‘life toolkit’ as you continue on your journey of self-mastery. Stay focused 👊

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