Apr 23
April 23, 2020

Mark Daily Brief: move fast & break things

Theme: Move fast and break things in order to accelerate learning

Tip: Consider the following questions and journal your answers:

  1. Where am I “stuck” with the goals I am working towards?
  2. How can I communicate more effectively with my team?
  3. Where can decision-making be shared?
  4. Can I dedicate more time and energy towards service as opposed to profits right now?

“Ditch perfectionism. There will never be a perfect plan with perfect conditions. Just execute while you learn and fail forward fast.” — Mark Divine

Take action and learn as you execute. Believing that you must wait for a “perfect opportunity” and create a “perfect plan” to achieve your goals will only leave you with a lot of wasted time and missed targets. The best way to learn is by doing, so take action now. Move fast and break things … rebuilding them better and stronger as you learn. Stay focused 👊

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