Dec 11
December 11, 2019

Grow or Stay Stuck, It’s Your Choice

Most people are stuck in a rut… and unaware of it. Sometimes, ignorance truly can be bliss. But more often it leads to suffering.

For instance, many are stuck in a survival mode mindset, with every day a stressful mental obstacle course aimed at fighting others, and feeling victimized as they strive to bring home enough to make ends meet. They cannot grow beyond that mindset —until they find a way to get unstuck from the limited thinking which got them there in the first place.

Research in developmental psychology estimates only 5% of humanity will grow beyond the stage that they “level out” in early adulthood. That stage is influenced by family of origin, culture and early childhood trauma of some sort, which is what I call “the shadow”.

That means that over seven billion people on the planet are in a rut, not living as integrated, connected and high performing individuals. They are stuck. Either they have no desire to grow or have no idea that they even can, or they are simply too distracted, downtrodden or anxious to try.


But then, how lucky are we!

Why? Because if you are reading this, you have chosen to break out of your own “stuck-ness”. It is a privilege to have the life circumstances where you can embark upon a true growth path.

Growth takes a lot of work.

Many people may feel that urge to break free and grow, and even do some personal development training and read books, but then they are simply not willing to do the daily work.

Others are stopped in their tracks by the many obstacles that caused them to fall into a rut to begin with. Those obstacles can include the aforementioned lack of motivation, poor health, not having the money or time (or not being willing to put in the money or time), and the big one – being born in a place where it is too violent or poverty stricken to even consider a growth path as an option. Hence the survival mode thinking.

Bottom line, we should be extremely grateful to be one of the 5% willing and able to do the real work of the day in and day out training.

Where do you stand on that? Are you leveraging a legitimate path with validated content, training and coaching support to hold you accountable?

Or do you bounce around from one self developmental model to another, getting nowhere fast?

A legitimate growth path that provides traction, tribe and true transformation is a relatively new concept. I created Unbeatable Mind to be a distinctly western developmental path leveraging the best of developmental psychology. It combines integral theory, Navy SEAL mental performance, emotional shadow work and tools from ancient warrior traditions such as Yoga, Martial Arts and Zen meditation to help you on that growth path and get unstuck. Once you open yourself up to the possibility of growing, you will be amazed at how much can change for you.

My aim is to help those committed to growth unlock their full potential and perform at their peak—and doing so in service to something much higher than where their ego drives them.

Additionally, my goal is to help people connect to their family and teams authentically to achieve their worthy missions.

Since launching in late 2011, over ten thousand individuals have been positively impacted or outright transformed by the path. Unbeatable Mind is a program that keeps getting better and better because of people like you committed to growing.

You can find info about the path at

Unbeatable Mind provides the tools for transformation, the tribe for support and coaching. But the traction will come from doing the daily work, and that is up to you.

Hope to see you in training, either for the first time or to get back on track and get unstuck.

Easy day.


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