Oct 8
October 8, 2018

Chapter 1: Don’t be Common

Don’t be common… be unbeatable. Being common sucks.

Imagine launching into your life’s most valuable work knowing that you are capable of twenty times more than you ever thought possible. How cool would that be, you accomplishing twenty times more than you currently can imagine? Be genuinely happy, financially secure and focus only on what matters most. Do something you’re passionate about that completely aligns with your purpose (which you will discover soon if it’s not clear now). Stand your ground until your mission is done. No obstacle will survive the force of your willpower and you will never quit.

That’s not common.

In today’s world, common is standard operating procedure. You’re trained to be common in school, cajoled to be common through Facebook, Twitter, or your Instagram “friends”. You’re taxed to death by the Government if you deviate from common. But common sucks.

Today, you stop being common.

From here on out, you will achieve 20X what others can or will do. This book is about how to develop your 20X to live an uncommon life, unbeatable in every respect. Launch your career, business or project with 100% confidence that it will succeed beyond imagination.

Easy Day.

How can I make this audacious claim? I know it through personal experience, and by training hundreds of SEALs and thousands of professionals in these principles. The “common” theme I have seen is a limiting story, even the SEAL trainees. Their stories are created by common bullshit beliefs, attitudes and perspectives spoon-fed by well-intentioned parents, teachers, peers, and social media. I call this your background of obviousness (BOO) because it is ever-present and obvious to others, but largely hidden from you until the core story is investigated, deeply, challenged, and re-written.

Identifying and re-writing your script isn’t easy. If it was, everyone would do it. The world needs you to step up and fulfill your purpose with your hair on fire (in a good way that is!). That’s why I’m so motivated. I don’t think you want to spend the amount of time and pain that I went through to discover my own 20X potential. “Now” is time to become the author of your life. Now is the time to write an entirely new script for who you are, why you exist, and what you intend to do about it.

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