Dec 23
December 23, 2019


When you appreciate what you have, you will have all that you need.

The end of the year is a time to look back and appreciate what you have gained or learned. But this is easier said than done. Too often we get lost in the crush of shopping and all the energy that ensues from the commercial aspects of this holiday. Then, with rose colored glasses, we plan our commitments for the next year… commitments that are rarely fulfilled as the new year quickly turns into another grind.

I have been working hard to appreciate what I have now, including the gains and lessons in the last year. This includes appreciating the bad things that happened and learning from my screw-ups. But this practice didn’t come naturally, and I don’t think it is natural for most people.

If we are focused on the past then we are most likely focused on the negative things, and we amplify and project them into our future as an aspect of ourselves. This leaves us feeling like failures, or not measuring up to the (false) image portrayed by the successful people “out there.”

If we are future focused, we tend to mitigate or deny our past accomplishments and learnings, never satisfied with the way things are. We strive for the grass greener on the other side of the mountain while ignoring what we have now.

Practicing appreciation is the answer.

Start by re-capitulating your year and highlighting all the big positive moves that you made as well as your accomplishments. These positive things should fire you up.

Next look at the gnarly things that happened to you, but with an eye toward how you have grown from them or how they opened up new opportunities and insights.

Create a positive memory of the good things, and then fold the bad things into that memory. This will really boost your sense of self-worth and bring you great momentum going into the new year. With this practice you will have the resolve to stay the course on new commitments for growth and transformation in the new year.

It’s worth practicing.

Merry Christmas and let’s look forward to an amazing 2020!


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